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9 Places To Hookup On Campus at SJU

9 Places To Hookup On Campus at SJU

Welcome to college! You’re surrounded by new people and now have zero privacy because you probably share a room with at least one person. A lot of us have had the unfortunate experience of walking in on a roommate while they may have had a…guest let’s call them. Others were the ones walked in on (equally awkward). So some of you may be looking for other places you can make out with your significant other or that cute guy/girl you met at that party. Have no fear. There are still private places around campus where you can get to know someone special without having to feel as if your roommate can see and hear everything you do and say. Keep reading for 9 places to hookup on campus at SJU!

Just a tip: If you decide to forego the list, avoid areas with heavy foot traffic and be aware of any cameras that might be installed!

(It should go without saying that these suggestions work best outside of class hours.)


1. Behind the bookstore.

Going to the campus bookstore you’ll see a walkway that leads to a lower entrance to Marillac, but for your purposes this leads to a secluded area of campus that outside of class hours is hardly frequented.

2. The wind tunnels.

Called the wind tunnels because of how wind travels through them at such high speeds, these are the covered walkways on either side of St. Augustine, the building which houses the library. Just be mindful of late night studiers during midterms and finals!



3. Down the stairs by Sullivan.

On the left of Sullivan there is a short staircase that brings you out of plain view, especially at night. Just be sure you go AFTER all the commuters have left for the day! Otherwise you might have some unwanted visitors.

4. Behind DAC.

Walking around DAC you can find a pathway on the left of the building which leads to an almost always abandoned area behind the building that serves the purpose of a private and accessible place to hookup on campus.

5. Down the stairs by Taffner.

Another place abandoned by the time the commuters have started heading home is the area down the stairs of Taffner. Again on the left, just run down the stairs and you have a private area out of view.


6. Between Taffner and the Athletics Office.

Now on the right, you have another little corner available to you between Taffner and the Athletics office, free of people once Taffner is closed for the night. While outside of the usual PSO security route, it would still be a good idea to keep your ears open on the off chance one does approach.

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7. That gap by Marillac.

In the open eating area by Marillac you can usually go to the left of the building and behind the benches to find hidden corners after work and class hours that will keep you privately hidden away. Just watch out for puddles that may be there after a rainy day!



8. Parking Below Belson.

Underneath Belson Stadium there’s a parking structure mostly frequented by students, meaning once the rush of commuters going home has died down, you’re home free! Just be aware of your surroundings and avoid spaces where you can see cameras.

9. Behind Donovan.

Lastly we have Donovan. To the right of the building you have a set of stairs you can go down, usually used to get the Public Safety building. At night however, the gate people frequent during the day is closed, and employees of the downstairs offices are home for the night, making the area behind Donovan a private, secluded area.


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