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10 Places To Hookup At Tulane

10 Places To Hookup At Tulane

The hookup culture at Tulane University is definitely not in any danger of dying out. As the number one party school in the nation, and also one highly ranked in terms of hotness, there are plenty of illicit rendezvous going on. However, as on every college campus, when roommates and RAs are in the mix it can be hard to find a place to get “down and dirty.” Keep reading for 10 places to hookup at Tulane!

1. The basement of Newcomb.

Newcomb is open and empty all night and very conveniently located to The Boot. What else can I say?

2. Dugout at Turchin Stadium.

Super gross but apparently a thing. You do you.


Is Turchin Stadium on your list of places to hookup at Tulane?


3. PJ’s on Willow.

Open all night, and the bathroom is for one.

4. Top Floor of Stern.

For some reason it seems to be a tradition to hook up on top of the lab sciences building; maybe to mentally get back at that organic chem class you had there.


5. Dixon Auditorium!

Like Newcomb, Dixon is open all night. While I usually use it as a place to pee on the way back from The Boot, it would probably be a just fine place to get some action if your room is occupied.

6. The A Quad.

The academic quad is totally empty at night, and honestly kind of romantic what with all the trees and lanterns. Bring a blanket, maybe some pizza, and get snuggly.



7. Your dorm room.

The obvious, although not always the most convenient option, your dorm is definitely the most appropriate place to get it on (and the only one that I can condone in good conscience).

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8. Their dorm room.

It’s probably gross, there are probably clothes on the floor and food on the bed. When your roommate is in your clean, normal smelling dorm; you gotta do what you gotta do.



9. A Frat House/Satellite House.

Probably even grosser than a dorm room, probably a ton of dudes within a hundred feet, best of luck.

10. The stacks at Howie T!

It’s 2:30 in the morning, you’re about a quarter of the way through an all nighter and only you and a hottie from the baseball team are left in the library, time for a study break.



Where are your favorite places to hookup at Tulane? Comment below and share the article!
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