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8 Places To Hook Up At Vanderbilt

8 Places To Hook Up At Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt is full of a lot of great places to hook up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I've made a list of some of the best ones!

Whether you’re trying to avoid awkward roommate confrontation or you’re just trying to spice things up with your newfound lover, finding new places to hook up on Vanderbilt’s campus can be a challenge. Luckily for you, I’ve comprised a list of the 8 best places to hook up at Vanderbilt!

**WARNING: pursue at your own risk**

1. You dorm hall’s music practice room

This is one the more risky options simply because many of the music rooms don’t have locks on the door, but if you’re into the thrill of possibly being walked in on, then this one is for you!

2. Stevenson chemistry classroom (after hours, of course)

This may be more of a personal fantasy but this is a very accessible and fun location for a saucy hookup. Hooking up here would be the biggest “FU” to the unnecessarily difficult STEM classes at Vanderbilt. Just make sure you go AFTER the room has been cleaned by the janitorial staff.

3. The rooftop of Furman Hall

There could possibly be slight legal ramifications if you get caught here but the rooftop of Furman Hall is actually very romantic and beautiful. The sign at the bottom of the stairs warns that the area is under constant surveillance but I doubt the validity in it.

4. Top of the parking garage

This is another romantic area with a great view and without any legal risks! There are two tall parking decks on campus often used by the astronomy department because of their clear sky views.

5. The shower of your dorm hall

After you get past the initial grossness of the idea and potential threat of catching a venereal disease from the bathroom walls, a shower hookup seems like a fun and exciting idea!

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6. Football field

Of the 8 suggestions, this will be the hardest to achieve, but if you finally figure out how to weasel your way into the Vanderbilt Stadium, you’ll not only be the envy of your friend group, but also the talk of the school. Extra points if you score an athlete.

7. Your professor’s office

…And I don’t mean WITH your professor (unless you’re into that). This is specific to all of those Teacher’s Assistants out there with office access. Hooking up in your professor’s office is the ultimate location to get down and dirty.

8. Central Library

Last but certainly not least on our list is Central Library. This is the perfect place for a night time hookup because of it’s (semi) late hours of operation and all of its nooks and crannies. There’s no better place to study a little chemistry and anatomy than this prime location.

Where do you think are the best places to hook up at Vanderbilt? Tell us in the comments!
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