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8 Places To Hook Up At Suffolk University

8 Places To Hook Up At Suffolk University

We've compiled a list of some of the best places to hook up around Suffolk University! Do you have anything you'd add to it?

College gives people the opportunity to experiment with themselves socially and physically. A good chunk of people are hooking up in college. We’ve all heard the rumors about people getting nasty in the oddest places on campus. Whether it’s the gym locker rooms or empty classrooms. People are exploring their sexual desires and finding their true selves in college. There have been some interesting places where people have smashed on campus. If you’re a germaphobe get your hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes ready! For those looking for new places to bring the rush and pleasure, be ready to take notes and plan your next hook up! Here are 8 places to hook up at Suffolk University.

1. Library

The library has definitely been the spot for some students to hook up at Suffolk University campus! We’ve all heard stories about students hooking up in study rooms. This usually goes down during the evening hours of the library. The bold people have no shame hooking up between bookcases or in an open area. People who hook up in the library are either taking a study break or trying to deserted for exams. The library is FULL of germs, only the bold people will risk getting sick! This is a place to hook up at SU!

8 Places To Hook Up At Suffolk University

2. Dorms

This is the most obvious place to hook up! A dorm room has a bed and desk, so you can move around a bit. Try different spots and positions, just make sure you’re not on your roommates side! Make sure you get permission from your roommate to take over the room for a few minutes. Let’s be real, hooking up doesn’t last long depending on the person!

8 Places To Hook Up At Suffolk University

3. Dorm Bathroom

If you live in a suite with a private bathroom or use a public dorm bathroom, it could be your next hook up spot! As a germaphobe this is one of the worst options. There’s chances of you getting caught! People enjoy the thrill of almost getting caught. Depending on your suite mates and people who live on your floor, the bathroom will be dirty as fuck. If you’re hooking up in a public bathroom there’s a chance someone will walk into to use the restroom. Make sure to wear shower shoes! If you enjoy the thrill then the dorm bathroom is for you!

4. School Bathroom

Only the bold and brave have hooked up in campus bathrooms! The thrill of getting caught brings excitement to some people. While others start freaking out but get excited for not getting caught. Please realize that you have a chance of getting kicked out of school, If you decide to go with this option. No one should risk their education for a little fun. Thrill seekers should go for it but don’t play yourself! This is a place to hook up at SU!

5. Empty Classroom

This is another place where the bold and careless should hook up! Hooking up in an empty classroom can create the option of role playing. Who doesn’t enjoy being a teacher and student with their partner or hook up buddy. There’s a chance of you getting caught by a professor or someone working in the building.

8 Places To Hook Up At Suffolk University

6. Auditorium

If you’re into the arts, hooking up in the auditorium is an option. This is another risky but bold place to hook up. There’s a chance you’ll be caught on camera! Just be careful with which rooms you pick. There are plenty of options to pick from, whether its the stage or dressing room! If you don’t mind being around a stage and extra seats then auditorium is perfect for you!

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8 Places To Hook Up At Suffolk University

7. Gym Locker Room

There are studies that most people tend to hook up after a workout session. You have a large amount of energy waiting to be used. If you’re not a germaphobe then go for it! Its another cardio session to your workout. This is ideal for student athletes and sports lovers. This is a place to hook up at SU!

8 Places To Hook Up At Suffolk University

8. Basketball Court

The basketball court on campus is a place to hook up especially if you have no fear of getting caught! The court is small but you never know who’s walking in due to the balcony and its elevators. People have had a little fun on the bleachers. If you don’t mind being on camera then this is on the bucket list of hooking up on SU campus! This is a place to hook up at SU!

Have you hooked up in any of these places at Suffolk University? Do you know any other spots on campus? Comment below and share with fellow Suffolk University students!
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