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Top 5 Places To Help Boost Energy At Purdue

Top 5 Places To Help Boost Energy At Purdue

You wake up for your class just in time to shower and run to get there on time, but what about breakfast? Where are you going to get that extra energy to pay attention and take notes after punching in your iClicker questions or answering Hotseat to get attendance points? Living on or around campus has its perks, so don’t think too hard about it, take a look at what the best places to help boost energy at Purdue are!

1. Freshens Smoothies

On campus, Purdue has two locations of Freshens. Freshens has smoothies that can be customized to order along with a set menu of mouth-watering smoothies; and the best part is that there’s something that you will like for sure. With their 15 types of smoothies that are divided into two categories namely Classic and High Performance, they also offer boosters that you can add. The boosters are mainly protein or energy boosters. This means that these two locations are the perfect places to help boost energy at Purdue after a workout!



So if you work out in the mornings and need to go to class right after, grab a freshens smoothie on the way. Conveniently enough, one of the locations is actually inside the CoRec on the main floor! Speaking of locations, the second one is at the PMU in the food court. Freshens has been an all-time favorite for Purdue students because of their health benefits and the fact that they’re tasty and made with fresh ingredients. You can use your dining dollars at any of the freshens locations which is perfect, where else are you going to use those?

My personal favorite is their Purple Reign smoothie with Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Kiwi-Lime along with their juice blend. Another useful aspect of freshens is their nutritional information section. Right by the freshens in the PMU, there is a touchscreen where you can find out detailed nutritional information about every smoothie. Additionally, this information can also be found on their website! The icing on the cake is that you can keep in touch with your diet while you get a substantial and tasty smoothie to keep you going.


2. Pappy’s Sweet Shop Milkshakes

Every Purdue student has walked past Pappy’s at some point. Whether they were using the Union to avoid the cold and the snow or heading to the food court to get food. Pappy’s is an 89-year-old restaurant at Purdue, offering a variety of menu items from hot dogs and burgers to milkshakes and malts. The reason Pappy’s is on this list is because of the amazing milkshakes and malts they have. They make their ice-cream in house with a special recipe that has made students come back for almost a century.

Pappy’s milkshakes are a thick and creamy blend of perfection that will surely make you want one every day. Pappy’s does accept dining dollars, and while you’re waiting on your delicious cup of awesomeness, don’t forget to hit up a tune on their jukebox! They’re located in the Union, right in the beginning of the food court floor when you walk in from Grant Street; Enjoy!



A classic malt, with a cherry on the top, perfect!



An old school jukebox, just in case you’re in the mood to pump up the music.



3. Den Pop!

If you haven’t been to the discount den during BGR, you haven’t been through BGR. The discount den is something that is known of by every student that ever set foot on Purdue’s campus. It is famous for its huge variety of soda fountains that you can choose from, along with its many ‘recipes’ on the wall that are creative mixes of different kinds of sodas to make the perfect tasting beverage.

You can get a large 32 ounces ‘Den Pop’ for $0.60 and a super large 64 ounces one for $0.75. That’s definitely one of the cheapest places to help boost energy at Purdue. It will surely keep you going for a LONG time! My favorite drink at the Den is the Tweety Bird, you will definitely find some recipes that sound odd, but you will definitely find your calling. The Den is located at Chauncey mall, in the parking lot by the bars and is easy to find thanks to the many lights they always has on by the large glass windows.



Where the magic happens!

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4. Try bubble tea!

Everyone has heard about bubble tea, right? Recently, bubble tea has become increasingly popular in the United States. It’s a trend that does not come without its tasty and satisfying selection of drinks. Bubble tea comes in two types, regular tea and milk tea. The ‘bubbles’ in bubble tea are tiny tapioca balls at the bottom of your drink that you get as you drink away. You eat the mildly chewy jelly-like snacks along with the flavor of your drink and it is the most fun drink you will ever have. Here on Purdue’s campus we have multiple bubble tea places that you can go pick up or even have delivered. They come in neat sealed cups that you pierce your straw through when you’re ready to drink which makes them easy to carry around as well.

The best places to get bubble tea if you’re in Chauncey are Basil Thai and Kung Fu Tea. Both these restaurants are located in Chauncey mall by the bars, and have a variety of different types of bubble teas and slushes. My personal favorite at both these places would be the Taro milk tea. For delivery, or if you’re feeling a little adventurous you could walk down the hill to East State Street and get Latea. Latea has been one of the most popular bubble tea locations at Purdue, especially because they deliver. That makes it the most convenient out of the places to help boost energy at Purdue! You can order through them or HungryBoiler right to your doorstep to avoid the walk all the way down and up the hill.



Kung Fu Tea, the newest Bubble tea place in town!


5. Greyhouse Coffee

You have probably seen people sitting outside a café in the middle of Chauncey. That’s Greyhouse. The famous gourmet coffee place that started in 2008 and is a non-profit organization. Greyhouse has gourmet coffee, made with finesse and immense attention to detail. Their specialty coffees appeal to all tastes and if you live in an apartment in Chauncey, it’s on the way to class.


They can make you French press coffee, a variety of other espresso drinks, loose leaf tea, milkshakes, smoothies and pretty much any type of coffee you can think of. Their product is top quality (and strong coffee if you order right) which makes it a perfect drink to kick start your day. It’s an obvious choice out of the places to help boost energy at Purdue. I would recommend the crème brulée latte, one of their most popular drinks. Greyhouse also has gelato, so if you’re in the mood for ice cream, definitely try their gelato out!


Which of these places to help boost energy at Purdue do you enjoy the most? Comment below and share the article!
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