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10 Places To Have Sex That Will Spice Up Your Relationship

When you’re in a long term relationship, your places to have sex list can become stagnant. You and your partner fall into a routine and this can have a negative effect on your relationship in general. This list includes 10 places for you and your significant other to try out in order to spice up your sex life.

1. Anywhere in the house that isn’t your bedroom.

If you’re getting bored but are willing to make the jump to anything crazy, try a spontaneous sex session somewhere in your house. The number one suggestion is the kitchen counter because you can start something while your significant other is cooking dinner.

2. The bed of a truck under the moonlight.

Stargazing is romantic but making love under the moonlight can be even more romantic. Get a blanket, some pillows, and a basket of food, find an open field and enjoy each other’s company for the night.

3. An airplane bathroom.

Who doesn’t want to join the mile high club? While sex 30,000 feet up sounds fun, it’s the act of sneaking around that makes this so sexy. After your session, you’ll look like Lisa Kudrow in the gif below.

4. In a hotel room with the curtains open.

If you aren’t ready to venture out into public sex, try a hotel with the curtains open. It will give you the intensity of being seen but without the actual consequences of getting caught. This is perfect for those couples just starting to spice up their relationship.

5. In a jacuzzi.

It’s hot, steamy and you’re already wearing very little clothes, so why not try out sex in a jacuzzi? The best jacuzzis are the ones you can find in rentable cabins or condos. Private, but still out in the open.

6. On the beach at night.

One of the more common places to have sex, the beach is always an option. We suggest trying this at night just in case there are children running around. It’s basically a guarantee that you’ll find sand in places you never knew existed, but the intensity is so worth it.

7. With a roommate in the room.

Have you ever focused on being extremely quiet during sex? While difficult, it will always heighten the intensity and make the session much sexier. If you’re going to try this one, make sure your roommate is someone you’re comfortable with in case they end up catching you.

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8. The shower.

This one isn’t for everyone! In order for shower sex to work, the two people need to be pretty close to the same height. If your bodies are cooperative, shower sex can be extremely pleasing. Especially when you spend the first 20 minutes staring at your partner’s naked body waiting to make your move.

9. In the car.

Another common place to have sex, car sex is only fun because of the thrill of possibly getting caught. Try laying the passenger seat all the way back for optimal space. Try to pick an empty parking lot that’s out of the way unless you itching to get caught.

10. College classrooms.

This last option is bolder than the previous ones. If you and your significant other are really willing to take a risk, find a classroom on your college campus. A lot of buildings don’t lock their doors since students need to use the resources, so finding an open classroom shouldn’t be too difficult!

Is your long-term relationship going through a stagnant phase? Use this guide on places to have sex to spice it up both in the bedroom and outside of it. Comment your favorite non-traditional sex spot below!

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