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5 Places To Hang Fairy Lights In Your Dorm So You’re Not In Total Darkness

5 Places To Hang Fairy Lights In Your Dorm So You’re Not In Total Darkness

The overhead lights in dorm rooms are way too bright to actually see anything with. There are several ways around the bright lights. One of them is to have a lamp on your desk that has a bendable neck so you can turn it in any direction. Another way is to have fairy lights around your room so you still have some light but not blinding lights.

There are quite a few places you can put the fairy lights so you can still have a bright dorm room without a blinding light above you. Some of these methods will have to be discussed with your roommate(s) just so everyone is on the same page. You want to put the lights in the best possible location for everyone involved, not just you. It will also make your roommate(s) more likely to talk to you if they agreed to the location instead of you deciding where to put it.

1. Around the Door Frame

This is one of the locations you might want to talk to your roommate first. There are two ways you can hang the fairy lights for this one. You can hang them around the door itself, or you can hang them around the door frame. Either way would provide an amazing amount of light for whatever you have planned to do. Even if it’s in the middle of the night outside.


You don’t want your dorm too bright, but you also want there to be enough light that you don’t need to turn on the overhead light. Putting the lights around the door makes sure that there is enough light in your dorm, especially when it’s daytime and you have the shades up. You will still be able to see your textbooks if you have to study. And if you’re on your computer, it will be more than enough light for your dorm. The light from the computer and the lights from the fairy lights will make the room seem bright enough for whatever you need.

2. Around your Desk

There are so many places to hang fairy lights that the most obvious places are sometimes forgotten about. Putting them around your desk might seem like a fairly obvious location, but some people might not even think about it. This will provide enough light, and it’s the exact area you would normally do your studying. It would be the best area for your fairy lights.

The desks at my college had a little hutch that sat on top of the desk. I hung my light on that, but you don’t have to. You can put your fairy lights around the desk itself, or you can pretend there’s a hutch there, and hang your lights on the wall. Either way would give you enough light to do your studying with. Putting the lights on your actual desk might help more if you have a lot of textbooks you study with, where hanging them on the wall might help more if you do a lot of your homework on your computer instead. It still provides light but not directly in your eyes.


3. Around the Window

This is another location that you might want to talk about with your roommate before you put the lights there, especially if the window is not on your side of the room. The window might be a tricky spot to hang your fairy lights, though, because you might have curtains or shades that get caught in the lights. This is an easy fix, even though it might be a little more expensive.

There are curtains that have LED lights built into them. These will fix the fairy lights getting tangled in the curtain issue, but moving the curtains to see outside the window might be a little more challenging. You can also just hang the fairy lights around the curtain rod. My roommate and I did this in our dorm. We had curtains that covered the window and we just placed the lights through the curtain rod. It will provide enough light for the whole dorm because the sunlight from outside shines with the lights. It makes everything brighter.

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4. Around your Bed

This is another one of the places to hang fairy lights that I used in my dorm room. There are two places you can hang your lights using your bed, and each one provides a different source of light. Both ways produce enough light for your side of the dorm, and you won’t need to turn on the overhead lights. If both of you do it, then your room will be really bright, too.

The first way is to put the fairy lights around the bottom of your bed. This is especially good if you have your bureau or drawers underneath your bed. You can still see what’s in those drawers without needing to turn on another light, which is good. The other way is if you have a bunk bed or some sort of posts around your bed. Hanging the lights from the top of your bed will provide more than enough light for the whole dorm room. It will also bounce off the ceiling, which will produce more light than if you used the bottom of your bed.

5. Around the Perimeter of your Room

This is another location where you’ll need to talk to your roommate because the room is not just yours. There are a lot of different ways you can make this work. The easiest way is if you use the border between the ceiling and the walls as a ruler for the fairy lights. This will provide light for the whole room, instead of just around your side of the dorm room.


You can also zigzag the lights across the ceiling. It will probably require more lights than the border would, but it would provide light directly to the center of the room, instead of just the outside. If you use this method, you can also zigzag the lights around the walls, too. Either way, you will definitely have a lot of light for the whole room. It should only take four strands of lights to cover your whole dorm if you use the perimeter method. That should mean you’ll only need one or two more strands if you’re going to zigzag the lights along the ceiling.

There are other places to put your fairy lights, and I know I missed them. If you have tried these and like them, or you want to include them, leave a comment down below and I’ll include them.

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