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10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

 If you live in the Boston area, or you are planning a trip to Boston in the near future and are looking for a sugar fix, check out some of these places for all your dessert desires. 

1. Max Brenner

If you’re looking for a luxury dessert experience, take a walk down Boylston Street and stop at Max Brenner. Max Brenner is a chocolate bar, restaurant, and candy shop. Whether you are looking to sit down at a table with some friends and split a marshmallow pizza or  just grab an Iconic Chocolate Martini at the bar, this is the dessert haven for you! It is a unique chocolate and dessert experience that is sure to satisfy that sweet tooth! 

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

2. Mike’s Pastry 

Mike’s Pastry, or the “home of the cannoli,” is a family owned business that was founded in 1946 by Michael Mercogliano (hence the name Mike’s Pastry). This Italian bakery is a staple of the North End, and a beloved bakery to many. As a tourist, seeing everyone carry around those famous white boxes with blue string will have you wanting in on the trend. Don’t worry if you don’t like cannoli’s. There are endless amounts of pastries ranging from macaroons to ricotta pie! They even sell a kit to make your own cannolis, so you too can join in on the pastry making fun! 

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston
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3. Modern Pastry 

Right across the street from Mike’s Pastry lies Modern Pastry, another family owned Italian pastry and dessert shop. Some will argue as to which bakery is the superior out of the two, but Modern Pastry is my personal favorite. Their lobster tail pastry is to die for, and their cannolis are out of this world! 

The difference between Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry is the seating/ restaurant portion of Modern Pastry. Mike’s Pastry does not have any seating. It is a get in and get out kind of shop, while Modern Pastry has a few tables where you can sit and sip a freshly brewed cappuccino as you indulge on your hand crafted pastry.

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

4. Taiyaki NYC 

This New York-based extravagant ice cream shop made its debut in the Boston Seaport on April 26th. Taiyaki gets its name from a traditional Japanese cake that is shaped like a fish from a waffle like batter. This exquisite treat is making its way around Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Everywhere you look you can find a picture of these purple and green vibrant fish cones, and you are going to want to try them out.

If ice cream is not the dessert for you, do not worry. Taiyaki has an array of Japanese based desserts you can try, such as matcha lattes, taro slush, and souffle pancakes. 

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

5. L.A. Burdick 

Famous for its artisanal chocolate, L.A. Burdick has a cute gingerbread- looking shop located in Boston’s Back Bay. L.A. Burdick is mostly known for its handmade themed chocolates, such as its chocolate doves for Valentines Day or its chocolate bunnies for Easter.

Along with their immense amounts of chocolate assortments, they are also famous for having the best cup of hot chocolate in Boston. It is made from specialty chocolate that has been made with South American and Caribbean cocoa beans. You get your choice of dark, milk, or white chocolate, and you can add in your preference of milk or cream. If you are out for a chilly shopping day near Back Bay and need something to warm you up, then you should definitely stop in L.A. Burdick.

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

6. Georgetown Cupcake 

Located on Newbury Street, Boston’s go to spot for luxury shopping, Georgetown cupcakes is a gourmet cupcake shop that got its claim to fame on TLC. This dainty shop will have your eyes feasting on the colorful array of flavors, icing, and decor. Georgetown cupcakes has every flavor of cupcake you could possibly think of and more! 

If you’re looking for a little treat, or looking for elegant and easy sweets to have at a catering event, stop in or give them a call! 

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

7. I-CE-NY

This ice cream shop is all about the aesthetic! If your looking for a fun and tasty treat to feature in your latest Instagram post, I-CE-NY is the spot for you! This company originated in Thailand and paved the way for all other rolled ice cream shops. 

You will never feel as though you are just having ice cream here. You will be fascinated by the process of rolling the ice cream, and impressed with look of the end result. Not only is this a fun alternative to an ice cream date, it is an interactive ice cream experience that you will have to try!

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston 

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8. Cookie Monstah- Food Truck 

The Cookie Monstah food truck is one of the most unique and beloved options for dessert in Boston. It gives the customer a different experience in the sense that it is a food truck, but also that they can enjoy their dessert on the go. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s delicious. 

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked cookie? Even better than that, who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich made with freshly baked cookies? There’s is absolutely no way that you will not fall in love with the Cookie Monstah food truck after your first bite into an M&M cookie ice cream sandwich! If you don’t believe me, then just try it! I dare you. 

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston


FOMU is a new and exciting option for all vegans and plant lovers. If you are a lover of all natural ingredients, then FOMU is the ice cream place for you. All the desserts crafted here are made from scratch with no preservatives. All of the paper products used in this shop are also compostable! 

If you are a lover of recycling, all natural products, and avocado based ice cream, then check out this up and coming health hut!

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

10. Insomnia Cookies 

Insomnia cookies is the cure to every college students 2am sweet tooth. This easily accessible cookie shop is known for its late night deliveries of fresh milk and cookies. With a large variety of flavors including double chocolate mint, peanut butter chip, s’mores, and more, you will get all the cookie fix you need! 

If you and your friends are on a late night study bender, call up insomnia cookies and get your sugar high on! You’ll be sure to satisfy those cookie cravings and make studying a little more bearable! 

10 Places To Grab Dessert In Boston

Dessert can be the best part of every meal. Comment below and tell us where your favorite place to grab dessert is! 

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