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10 Places To Go On A Cheap Date By Emerson

Stop worrying about taking your loved one to a fancy place– especially if you are a student. Dates are supposed to be fun and lovely; it is not about where you are but about the person you are with.

If you are a student in Boston, specifically an Emerson student, let me tell you that there are so many places, that won’t cost you anything, where you will be able to spend some quality time with your partner. Whether it is the first date or you have been going out for a while, these places will save your pocket from spending- even just a little.

1. Boston Public Garden

Why not? This is a very romantic place for a cheap date. It is in front of Emerson College, not even four minutes walking distance. You can stroll around the garden before the sunset sets, enjoy watching the many squirrels and animals around.

Sit on a bench in front of the pond, or better yet sit on the grass— don’t be conceited, it is only grass! Walk over the bridge, be in the moment and appreciate the view. If it gets cold, then you could grab a cup of hot cider or chocolate to keep you guys warm before heading home.

2. Pick your favorite Museum

“But don’t you have to pay for admission?” For some yes, but many of them offer days and specific times of the week where admission is completely free. The only thing you will have to worry about is how to get there, food and drinks.

Even if you are not a big fan of museums, going with someone who you care about will definitely make it worth the while. And remember that admission is free! So, you are saving a lot on this cheap date.

3. Name your own star together

Stargazing is just plain romantic and a beautiful and rich experience that only involves just looking at the sky. Every Wednesday night (if the weather permits it), the BU Observatory is open to the public. So, take your date for a night to remember, you can name a star together. Grab a warm coat, bring a cup of hot beverage, and get cozy with your partner while looking at the sky.

4. James P. Kelleher Rose Garden

Ever heard of it? If you don’t know, there’s a hidden gem near Fenway Park, which is part of the Emerald Necklace: a conservancy that connects peoples and parks through projects and programs. This special garden features over 1,500 roses, it is the picture of romance itself.

Take a lazy walk with your loved one, there are many pathways throughout the garden lined with a variety of roses, arches, and benches that lead to a very fairy-tale movie-like fountain. Be romantic, maybe put some music in the background while you two lovebirds are walking.

5. Walk along the Esplanade

This is a must even if it is not for a date, walking along the Esplanade is gratifying. It’s a bit more of a walk to get there, but you guys can first pick up hot chocolate, or just enjoy getting there together.

The Esplanade offers a gorgeous view of the Charles River with Downtown Boston as the backdrop. You can either make it a jogging date, walk by sunset and sit along the benches, or go at night and simply relish in the city lights, the smell of the river and your loved one walking beside you. Maybe you can reach one of the bridges and make it even more romantic by sharing a kiss or two.

6. Grab a bite at the Food Trucks

The food truck industry has made a big boom over the years in Boston. There’s no way for you not to go and grab a bite at the numerous ethnic food trucks that are all over the city. Go on social media and pick your favorite one for your cheap date, and after you can go to a park and enjoy your cheap delicious meal. Don’t be shy to share your food!

7. Boston Common

Another park? Seriously? Don’t say no. Parks are always a great idea for cheap dates, and the Boston Common is a wonderful park.

You can stroll around the park, or sit at a bench and enjoy each other’s company, taking in the scenery, maybe the fall leaves are changing their color. In winter, you can go ice skating on the pond. And in the spring and summer months, every green area is perfect for a picnic. Or you can play a game with your partner, maybe some baseball or basket, there are many fields in the Boston Common.

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8. Tatte Bakery and Cafe

Is it a good place for a cheap date? Unless you are both extremely hungry than, of course, it will be. Tatte is a perfect place to enjoy a perfectly affordable meal. You’ll want to spend forever in this Insta-perfect setting place with its white marble tables and tile floors.

I recommend you to try the cookies: they are amazing and taste even better with a latte. Settle in, have a nice conversation and who knows? By the end of the date, you could be walking out holding hands.

9. Comedy show time!

There are so many free comedy shows around town. And what can I say? Laughing together is a bonding experience. Who doesn’t like someone who has a great sense of humor?

Even if it is not a free show, comedy places often are pretty budget-friendly. So, next time just skip dinner and hit a comedy show. You can enjoy drinks there instead while laughing the whole time.

10. Catch a movie at the AMC Lowes Theatre

I know that movies for Bostonians can be quite pricey, but students can get discounts, and for Emerson students, there’s actually a Facebook group where they offer free movie tickets!

It can be cliche to go on a date to the movies, but if you do it right then it would be a nice and lovely evening where you can spend quality time with whomever you take. Share your popcorn and watch a movie with your loved one.

What are your favorite places to go for a cheap date? Tell me more in the comments!

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Alannys Milano

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