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20 Places To Go In Canterbury

20 Places To Go In Canterbury

With so many places to travel to, some more popular than others, here are six places that you may not have considered, but should definitely explore.

This historic city is a lovely place to visit. No matter whether you are visiting for the day, or doing your degree here, here are 20 places I would recommend going to when visiting this beautiful city.

1. Cathedral

The main attraction of the city is the Cathedral. They do all sorts of events here but its always lovely just to go in during the day and admire the architecture. Plus, students get in for free so it’s a great place to go if you want to go exploring but you are a bit tight for cash.

2. Chocolate café

To all you chocolate lovers out there, there is a café that sells everything chocolate. From waffles to milkshakes, if you want to treat yourself or have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying, this is the place to go.


3. Whetherspoons

A favourite to all students and pub lovers. It serves everything great from great food to great cocktails for a good price.

4. Lady Luck

Out of all the pubs in Canterbury, this is my favourite. If you love rock and amazing cocktails, this is the place you should go to on a night out.


5. A concert in St Gregory’s

As part of the Arts and Culture organisation and the music and performing arts programs, every Wednesday at lunchtime, St Gregory’s is open to the public for free concerts. From professional performers to ensembles with university students, its always a great place to experience some art and culture for an hour.


6. Bookshop with wonky door

Of course, there are many bookshops round Canterbury but the one that always gets everyone’s attention is the one with the wonky door. They have a range of literature and it’s a lovely unique place to explore.

7. Chapel in Canterbury Christ Church University

If you attend Canterbury Christ Church University, I’m sure you’ve seen the windows of the chapel everywhere you go. There are so many events that the Christian Union and the Chaplaincy run in the Chapel. Whether you are a Christian or not, it’s a lovely place to visit.


8. Christmas markets

During the Christmas holidays, the city centre is filled with amazing markets filled with Christmas treats. I recommend going during the evening when all the Christmas lights are up, it really makes the city centre look beautiful.

9. Marlowe theatre

Filled with everything from concerts to plays, this theatre is the main and most renown theatre in Canterbury and is always the best place to go if you want to see something great!


10. Canterbury Festival

During the autumn season, the city is filled with many events demonstrating all that Canterbury has to offer.

11. The Jolly Sailor

Although this is a small pub, it’s a lovely one to go to if you’re in the mood to go out with some friends.


12. Dane John Park

This park is a lovely place to sit in on a sunny day. It has a little café too so it’s a great place for a walk when you a break from studying.


13. Westgate gardens

This is a beautiful place to go to if you need some space. There are so many things to see and is another great place to go to when you want to admire the scenery that Canterbury has to offer.

14.Tiny Tim’s Tearoom

If you love afternoon tea, this cosy little tearoom is the perfect place to do so.


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15. Cathedral gates

Right by the gates is a lovely spot if you want to sit down for a while and admire the view. It has a wide selection of shops too if you’re in the mood to do some.


16. Monument in Dane John Park

In Dane John Park, there is a little hill you can climb to a monument that gives you a great view of Canterbury.


17. Lady Wootton’s Green

Although this is a small space, it’s a nice little place to go to if you have an hour between classes and want to enjoy the lovely weather. It right next to the university too so you don’t have to walk to far to get there.

18. Canterbury city walls

The city walls that encircle Dane John gardens has a lovely place to walk around if you’re in the mood for a scenic walk.


19. Canterbury Library

Although both universities have their own library, there is another right in the city centre. Not only does it have a large selection of books that you can borrow, it has a lovely café and art gallery that displays beautiful artwork.


20. Sidney Copper Art Gallery

If you’re a huge art fan, this is the place to go to. It always exhibits work by students, and not just individuals studying art either. Every now and again, music students will also do a concert here so it’s a great place to go if you want to experience some culture.

Whether you are visiting or living in Canterbury, I would recommend doing these twenty things at some point!

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