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10 Places To Get Study Snacks For UD’s Finals Week

10 Places To Get Study Snacks For UD’s Finals Week

This article provides ten places to get study snacks around the University of Delaware campus for the week of final exams.

Finals week is the most stressful point in the semester, and it is approaching fast my friends. For most students, studying takes precedence over everything. From a senior’s experience, let me tell you, eating and nutrition are no exception. Pulling all-nighters and living on coffee, while they are sometimes unavoidable, are not the healthiest way to survive finals week. Here are some places for study snacks that will keep you nourished during the most stressful week of the semester.

UD Bookstore

Whether you’re studying at the bookstore or just passing by on Main Street, the food selection at Barnes and Noble is perfect for study snacks. Ranging from candy to nutrition bars, their seating area is decorated with different snack foods that are sure to ease your hunger while you stress over that biology final. Not to mention the Starbucks located right at the entrance in case you’re in need of some caffeine.

The Scrounge & Dunkin’ at Perkins

If Perkins is your favorite place to study, then the Scrounge is a great option because it has plenty of food and snack options that you don’t have to go far to get to. Ranging from sandwiches to coffee and a donut from Dunkin’, Perkins provides a lot of options for the stressed out students. Image link :


Morris Library – Bleecker Street

Most students spend a majority of their time during finals week in Club Morris, which has its own bistro-style spot for caffeine and study snacks when you’re in desperate need of some re-fueling. Bleecker Street, which is right at the entrance of the library, has a convenient selection of food and drinks that are sure to help you survive all of your all-nighters at the library. They also have vending machines for when you look up from your notes and realize it’s past midnight and Bleecker Street is closed!

The P.O.D.

A quick stop at the P.O.D. can be just the thing you need in the midst of all of the studying for final exams. You can use points, flex, or a debit/credit card to fill up on the healthy snacks or ice cream pints you need to make it through the week! And don’t forget the P.O.D. in Gore that makes it possible to grab a quick bite in between exams if you’re on the green!

Newark Deli & Bagels

The obvious choice for a quick bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel on your way to the library. Newark Deli and Bagel is right by the green, so if you’re on your way to an exam or on your way back, it’s a convenient place to stop for a quick snack or a full lunch.


Brew Ha Ha!

Anyone who has been to Brew Ha Ha! knows that it’s a very popular place to study. If you need a comfy place to sit and be productive, Brew Ha Ha! is a great choice! You can order breakfast or lunch, or even a smoothie (yum!) and various types of coffee specialties to stay awake for the long week ahead.

Trabant Food Court

Trabant food court is another treasure of our campus because of its variety. You need coffee and a muffin? It’s there. Sushi for a quick dinner? They have it. Or even a cheeseburger with the works? You don’t have to ask twice. Like at the P.O.D., the snacks here are also available by purchase using flex, points, or cash/credit, so its accessible for all students regardless, of their dining plan.

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Einstein Bros. Bagels

If you’re on East Campus or have an exam in the ISE building, going to Einstein’s for a bagel and coffee or a smoothie is the best decision you can make. They have a variety of sandwiches as well as plenty of drinks and refrigerated snacks. And you can sit and enjoy this food in the seating area right next to it while you study!


Even though there is a wide variety of dining locations on and around campus, sometimes leaving the library or the lounge isn’t an option. When this happens, just order from the GoPuff app and have your study snacks delivered to you! You’ll get all of the food, ice cream, and drinks you could possibly want and you don’t have to leave your seat! This option is especially favorable for those who live off campus and don’t have time to make the trip to Main Street or any of the on-campus locations.


Playa Bowls

Another excellent choice for a quick smoothie or an acai bowl after you’ve been awake for 25 hours straight. Playa bowls has some healthy snack options if you’re feeling like you’ve been neglecting your nutrition. If you’re on your way to the library or back to your dorm or apartment to study, you can grab a healthy smoothie for a snack or a bowl for a full meal.

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