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10 Places To Get Study Snacks For UConn Finals Week

10 Places To Get Study Snacks For UConn Finals Week

UConn finals week is the worst. Here are the best snacks to get for finals week on UConn's campus. These UConn snack places are the best and do the job!
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With finals week quickly approaching our fellow huskies will be pulling all nighters and having long dates with Homer Babbidge. Between studying and pet therapy you’ll need to eat something. When you get sick of dining hall food (or just can’t get there) here’s a few places you can go to bring back that energy. Here are the absolute best places to get study snacks for UConn finals week.

1. Bookworms (or any other UConn cafe)

If you’re living in HBL and don’t want to leave hit up bookworms for some extra energy! There’s sandwiches and food, coffee, frozen drinks, and some of that caffeinated chocolate to help you stay awake. So shuffle downstairs and keep that mind running!


2. Insomnia

Sometimes you just need a warm cookie to make it all better. And they’ll deliver right to where you are! Maybe even get yourself a motivational cookie cake!

3. DP Dough

These calzones can be indulged in one sitting, or split to make multiple meals. They will help you prepare for long nights of studying.

4. The C-Store

Located near Dunkin in the Student Union, the C store has many different types of snacks to choose from. There’s candy, cheez-its, soda, 5 hour energy, chips, pretzels, and more! They also sell medicine so you can recover from staring at your computer screen for 10 hours. 


5. Wings over Storrs

With over 20 different flavors of wings to choose from you can get your protein and a bit of heat to kickstart a great study session


6. CVS or Price Chopper

Although these are a little farther away, these places have a wider variety of options. From microwave meals to more snacks you can also earn your reward points while shopping at these places. Any other supplies you may need to get through finals week can be found here as well. CVS isn’t just a life-saver for UConn finals week, but always!

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7. Husky Pizza

My typical study snack is a small cheese pizza and honey BBQ boneless wings from husky pizza, as this will also last me for a few meals. My friends and I usually chip in to split these types of snacks, and it gives you enough motivation to study while you’re waiting for them to arrive.


8. Dairy Bar/Dairy Bar Too

Who doesn’t need ice cream as a little bit of comfort food? I don’t care how cold it gets in Storrs, I can eat Dairy Bar ice cream all year long! UConn finals week isn’t the same without Dairy Bar.

9. Freshens

These smoothies are made with actual fruit, and you can add one booster (of protein powder or energy booster) for free in the union!

10. USM

Between salads, burritos, soup, pizza, and pasta, there will be something for you at Union Street Market. Go to late night for wings and quesadillas, because those never fail to please. You can’t make it through UConn finals week without them!


Let us know what you think about UConn finals week in the comments below!
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