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7 Places To Find Delicious Vegan Food Near Crown Point, Indiana

7 Places To Find Delicious Vegan Food Near Crown Point, Indiana

If you live in or around Crown Point Indiana and you're a vegan or vegetarian, you might have a harder time finding good food. We narrowed down some of the best places to find delicious vegan food in Crown Point, Indiana!

Veganism seems to be the growing trend in 2018, and I was skeptical of my vegan choices in Northwest Indiana. When I took the time to look, I was pleasantly surprised with my options, and I will show you that there’s more to a vegan diet than smoothies and salads! Here are the best places to find delicious vegan food near Crown Point!

Whole Foods

Now, let’s start with the obvious – Whole Foods. Of course you can wander the store and shop for your own vegan items to take home, but I was very happy to sit and dine in Brewhouse 41 and learn that they have vegan dishes on their menu. You’ll be able to find a mouth-watering Beyond Meat Burger that’s served on a vegan bun, a black bean burger, as well as a vegan brunch bowl and loaded vegan poutine! If that doesn’t suit you, there’s always vegetable sushi rolls in their sushi department, and I recently found some vegan deli options such as their curried tofu and kung pao “chikn”. Soul vegan also brings in a variety of their wraps that you can take to go, which are found in their refrigerated section.


Cooper’s Hawk

If you’re looking for more of a fine dining establishment, venture over to Cooper’s Hawk and you’ll be pleased to find their Artisan hummus and roasted vegetables, as well as a main entrée with ancient grain and fire roasted vegetables. I’ve always been very pleased with Cooper’s Hawk, and it’s nice to know that they have options for vegans as well. Who could go wrong with a nice vegan dish, paired with one of their amazing glasses of wine or sparkling or even a tasty cocktail.


One of my favorite finds that I was surprised to stumble upon is Lelulo’s in Crown Point. This little gem is 100% vegan and does not disappoint. Everyone raves about their French Dip Plate, and they also have gluten free, nut free and soy free options available. But it gets better! They have so many amazing desserts….cheesecakes, chocolates, raw desserts, pies, cookies, cupcakes….AND they cater! They’ll even make you a vegan cake for a birthday, anniversary, etc. I’m very impressed with their selection and cannot wait to return.

Green is Good by Kate

If you’re still in Crown Point, venture over to Green is Good by Kate. Here you’ll find a variety of grab and go options, featuring different wraps, sandwiches and salads. Unfortunately, you can’t pull up a menu online, but if you head over to their Facebook page, you can see what she features daily.



On a more casual side, you can venture over to Zoup in Highland off of Indianapolis Boulevard. They have a rotating soup menu with vegan options, as well as salads and a veggie wrap. Everything is super fresh, and I’ve never had a bad experience there.

MOD Pizza

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In the mood for pizza? Check out MOD Pizza in Highland. It’s a small “build your own pizza” restaurant or you can choose one off the menu. Load up your dough with vegetables and dairy free cheese and you have yourself one tasty vegan pie! They also feature a pizza salad, or you can choose from one of their salads off their menu.

I hope that I was able to point many of Indiana’s vegans in the right direction. Even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian and just want to eat more plant based foods, you’ll find that there are many options available to you. Sometimes you just have to do a little tweaking of your own.


Can you think of any other vegan food near Crown Point, Indiana that should be on this list?! Let us know down below!

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