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10 Places To Eat In New Brunswick Before You Graduate

Everyone knows that Hub City has been given a bit of culinary food truck fame throughout the years. I am here to tell you that New Brunswick is known for greasy food at 3 a.m. and more! Keep reading to find out the top 10 places to eat in New Brunswick before you graduate.

1. A Scarlet Knight Staple

The Rutgers student’s saving grace after a long night of shenanigans, the fat sandwich, can only be found at R U Hungry. The classic Fat Darrel is the perfect guilty pleasure or, better yet, hangover remedy. Mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fries and marinara on a roll. It’s safe to say the ingredients in these sandwiches will kill you in a good way. Bonus points for being open 24 hours.

2. Live Every Day Like It’s Taco Tuesday

The best tacos. Need I say more? Located on Easton Ave, this Mexican street food kitchen puts Chipotle to shame. Tacoria is the home of fresh authentic Mexican food. Homemade sauces, good ingredients, and affordable are music to any Rutgers student’s ears. My advice to you is to try the nutella desert nachos. If you haven’t been here yet, fix that.

3. Downtown Classic

Although this place is a little pricey for the college student budget, Old Man Raftery’s has been a New Brunswick staple for years. A dim yet comfortable atmosphere accompanied by good service, great cocktails, and a separate bakery overflowing with cakes and sweets. Old Mans is a great place for a casual date and one of the best places to eat in New Brunswick. Let it be noted they have the most underrated burger in all of Brunny.

4. Seven Days Without Pizza Makes One Weak

When Krispy Pizza moved to its newly renovated location in the Yard on College Ave, I felt like the pizza Gods have finally answered my prayers. This is not your traditional Jersey Pizzeria. Their slice variety tops all. If it’s your cheat day, I recommend the penne vodka slice.


5. Not Your Average Wiener

The header says it all. Destination Dogs gives you the opportunity to experience tastes from around the world- with, you guessed it, wieners. Some of the unique options include python, kangaroo, and wild boar sausages. To top it off, when the lights go down and the DJ comes out, DD’s nightlife resembles somewhat of an upscale Knight’s Club.

6.Everything’s Organic. Yes, organic. Did I mention it’s organic!

To all of you students that are suckers for cute and trendy food spots: a casual modernized eatery with healthy food you can feel good about. Located in the Yard on College Ave, Honeygrow New Brunswick is the only location in New Jersey and it is serving fresh local ingredients in their noodle dishes and salads. You can get creative and build your own stir fry bowls with the variety of fresh organic ingredients and feel good about the price, too. This is the above all the places to eat in New Brunswick, the healthiest.


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7. The Newest Place In Town

If you’re looking to give your arteries a break or trying to get in shape for summer, you should definitely try Fritz’s – a cozy new café on the Easton Ave stretch. They have a huge selection of food for all types of eaters, I recommend the roasted garlic zoodles, one of their fresh made salads, or sweet treats house-made daily.

8. Hidden Gem- Literally

Things that college students need: 1. strong cold brew 2. lunch to keep us going 3. a hipster coffee shop to study or just enjoy the aesthetic. Out of all the places to eat in New Brunswick, Hidden Grounds has all of the above. Their coffee is strong, delicious and their lunch options are perfect. You could miss this shop because of its hidden underground location, but once you find it, it will be your go-to coffee spot.

9. Don’t be afraid to Slurp!

This place is the definition of cozy and inviting and is perfect for your weekly ramen craving. Ramen Nagomi is located on Bayard Street and is known for their variety of gourmet ramen dishes with a signature twist. The pork belly is melt in your mouth, give it a try!

10. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese

Cheezen is literally a plethora of grilled cheese possibilities. Feel free to build your own grilled cheese sandwich with innumerable toppings, cheeses, bread choices or choose from one of their own creations. Conveniently, it is located on Mine Street right next door to Olde Queens. Who doesn’t want to be able to enjoy a gourmet grilled cheese with a cold beer?. Cheezen also has a separate food truck that will offer its grilled cheese services to your private events. Bonus points for delivering! 10/10 would recommend.

Share the other great places to eat in New Brunswick in the comments below!
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