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10 Places To Eat For Free On Your Birthday

10 Places To Eat For Free On Your Birthday

Your birthday has to be one of the best days of the year. What’s not to celebrate: you’re another year older, wiser and your loved ones are celebrating you for an entire day. You’re the queen, and what you say goes.

But your loved ones aren’t the only ones out there who want to show you some love, countless restaurants and food places want to do the same. They want to celebrate you and they do it the best way they know how, letting you eat for free. This list is your one stop shop to figuring out your game plan to getting as much free food as possible on your birthday!

1. Cora

Start your quest to eat for free on your birthday off right by indulging in a birthday treat at one of Canada’s favourite breakfast places, Cora. Cora is a restaurant that serves up legendary breakfasts and lunches that leave you with a full belly and some great Instagram food pics.


But their birthday bonus is something special: a birthday bird! On your birthday, you will be presented with a bird made out of apples, topped with a sparkler. It’s a true sight to behold. Plus, you get a couple bucks off your meal. Double win!

10 Places To Eat For Free On Your Birthday

2. Denny’s

If you need more breakfast options, continue your quest to eat for free by heading over to Denny’s to claim your free birthday breakfast. The American chain offers their Original Grand Slam at no cost to those celebrating their birthday. Buttermilk pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage are piled high on a plate, and presented to you for free. Birthdays officially rule!


3. What A Bagel

If you want to share the joy of having to eat for free on your birthday with others around you, cash in on the birthday deal What A Bagel offers. With the purchase of 6 bagels, you get another 6 for free. There’s nothing like sharing the birthday love with those around you!

4. Panera Bread

If you’re looking to eat something a little lighter on your birthday quest to eat for free, try Panera Bread. The chain offers people a free pastry on their birthday. Nothing like a light, delicious and buttery snack to enjoy for free on your birthday.

5. Menchies

If you’re looking for another lighter option to cash in on, visit Mechies. The frozen yogurt chain offers free frozen yogurt to those celebrating their birthday. It’s the perfect option for those looking for a light and refreshing snack ahead of a big, pre-planned birthday meal.


6. Starbucks

To wash down all of the free snacks you’ve been having, hit up Starbucks. On your birthday, the coffee giant allows you to pick a drink of choice, on the house! If there was anything crazy you wanted to try, now’s your chance! This offer to eat for free presents you with endless options.

10 Places To Eat For Free On Your Birthday

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7. Harvey’s

Harvey’s offers a free birthday treat that is uniquely delicious, frings! Frings are a combination of french fries and onions rings, placed together in one basket for your birthday self to indulge in.

8. Mandarin

Next on your list of things to eat for free is a massive Chinese food buffet. You read that correctly, you can get a free meal at a buffet that’s loved by many. The options are endless, from appetizers to mains and countless desserts. To score this birthday freebie, may I suggest dressing in your best pair of sweatpants?

9. Milestones

If you want to have a fancy birthday dinner but also score a birthday freebie, dine at Milestones. This restaurant offers a fancy dining option, perfect for an upscale birthday dinner. Plus, their birthday deal only works when you bring your loved ones: a free entree when you purchase three others.


10. Cold Stone Creamery

This establishment offers people celebrating their birthday a free ice-cream creation. This establishment serves delicious ice-cream and other cold desserts like cakes and shakes. An ice-cream creation gives you free range on dreaming up the most creative combinations. Combine a number of different ice-cream bases and flavors together to create your own masterpiece to enjoy on your birthday.

10 Places To Eat For Free On Your Birthday

What birthday freebies do you enjoy? Comment your favorites down below!

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