5 Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At UMich

You just had projects assigned in all your classes and you feel like your life is falling apart. Now, where can you go to break down that is the most comfortable (and useful) at UMich?

1. Your PROFESSOR’S Office

Shed those tears unashamedly! Either way, your professor is going to take pity on the sad creature sitting in front of them. Maybe you’ll do well on that project after all!

5 Places To Cry When You Just Can't Anymore At UMich

2. On a Call to Your Parents

“Mom! Dad! I miss you and I need you to do my laundry! Just last week I put detergent in the dryer cause I thought that’s how you made your clothes smell like meadows.” Spill it all to your number one supporters, and throw some tears in with it. You get a free therapy session, plus maybe some extra padding in the bank account??

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3. In the Shapiro Library

Even if there aren’t any therapy dogs. Just take one for the team! Maybe they’ll bring the dogs in more if they see more people crying? I don’t know, I’m desperate. Just look at these cute lil bastards!

5 Places To Cry When You Just Can't Anymore At UMich

4. In the Privacy of Your Own Dorm

If you’re into “privacy” and “self-integrity,” I guess. Also, maybe if you’ve checked off the rest of this list. If you’re crying that much, people are going to think things.

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And lastly, just for the girls…

5. At a Bar

Let’s be real girls, you get enough creeps making eyes at you on a good day at the local watering hole. More of that sketchiness isn’t what you need – or is it? Settle in and order a round all for yourself, cause before you know it, some douche is gonna come cozying up to you and offering to pay for your alcohol. Getting drunk for free is always fun right? Just don’t forget to shoo him off when you’re ready to get back to reality!

5 Places To Cry When You Just Can't Anymore At UMich

Now go forth and cry your way to success at UMich! And good luck. God knows you need it.
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Cindy Onyekwelu

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