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10 Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Syracuse University

10 Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Syracuse University

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by exams or the million of activities you do everyday, these are the 10 best places to cry at Emerson College!

Lets admit it – sometimes college can be a bit much and we get over it real fast. Here are some places to cry when you’re over it at Syracuse University.

1. Bird

NOT Carnegie, because someone will probably yell at you for being too loud, but club bird is no stranger to crying students around finals week. And there are so many floors you’re bound to find a few covert shelves to have your breakdown in between.

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2. The Centro buses at Syracuse University

Whether at the end of a long day or at the start of an even longer one, everyone on these busses are preoccupied with their own stresses. Everyone has their headphones in and if you’re on your way to or from South Campus, it’s probably too crowded to even notice someone’s crying in a window seat.

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3. DJs

Drunken freshmen girls crying galore! You’ll blend right in! No one will bother you because everyone’s afraid you’ll burst into a long drunken rant about how some insensitive frat guy has ghosted you for the last time. But maybe they will take you to Calio’s to help try and cheer (sober) you up.


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4. Kimmel

Another stellar spot to blend in with the crying drunks, and food is always needed to fuel you up after a draining but cathartic cry.

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5. Syracuse Stage

Take a walk down Irving Ave to the Syracuse Stage/SU Drama Complex and have a good cry in a rehearsal room, on a stage, in the Sutton, even just in the hallways. Only drama students mill about down there and they’ll probably respect your vulnerability and willingness to openly express such raw emotion – or they’ll just think you’re practicing for a scene and pass you silently while thinking about how they can cry on cue so much better than THAT.

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6. CVS

I once had a whole conversation sitting in between the aisles of the Marshall Street CVS for a good 45 minutes and no one noticed or cared. Think about it: the students there just want to get what they need and get out and the employees have probably seen it all already. Head over to the freezers to pick up some Ben and Jerry’s while you’re at it. And just avoid the more popular areas of the store, like the aisle they keep the instant mac n’ cheese.


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7. The architecture building at Syracuse University

Another great place to blend in with students! Half of them are already crying from having ten models ripped apart during a review and the other half don’t have time for crying – yours or theirs: they have ten new models due by midnight.

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8. Your friend’s dorm

Your roommate may have gotten to the point where they’re fed up with your crying and won’t even flinch at your tears. However your friend’s roommate? They aren’t used to it and will probably be so uncomfortable they’ll pack up their things are get out before you even start sobbing. Plus, you’ll have your friend to pass you tissues or just join in and cry with you.

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9. Communal bathrooms

To some this may seem like the worst idea but hear me out. In a communal bathroom there are usually multiple people, maybe even too many to pinpoint who’s even crying. Worst case scenario you stay in your stall until everyone that heard you is gone. If you’re in a dorm with private bathrooms you’re never quite sure if someone’s waiting outside the door, which will not only make you feel awkward because you know they just heard you wailing but also maybe a little guilty for hogging the bathroom – and you don’t need that stress as well.

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10. The BBB music practice room

Probably a little known gem. If you lived in BBB you probably spent your fair share of time in this musty little room bawling your eyes out, but it’s open and available for anyone to check out the key and have a nice cry session of their own. Although it’s locked, be careful because it is right next to the laundry room and even the whirl of all those washing machines can’t drown out all your sorrows.


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Know any other places to cry at Syracuse University!? Drop us a line… not tears!
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