10 Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At Purdue

Need a place to cry at Purdue? We've got you covered. Here are the best spots to cry on campus at Purdue University. Get those tears out on Purdue campus.

As students at the number one university in Indiana, us Purdue students are exposed to a high amount of stress whether its life or school related. Lucky for us, our campus is full of places to cry when life just isn’t going your way. Here are the 10 best places let out a good cry on Purdue campus.

1. The Bell Tower at Purdue.

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2. Class.

Since we are exposed to a lot of stress.


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3. The all gender bathroom at the PMU.

Since most people are pretty intimidated by the all gender bathroom on the Third floor of the union, if you need to have a good private cry, this is the perfect place for you.

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4. The 1st floor hallway at Rawls.

Its dark and pretty quite, making it a perfect place to cry.

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5. The Stewart Center bathroom.

This room, is pretty much good for any activity.


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6. The HSSE Library stacks at the Stewart Center.

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7. The basement of Hicks.

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8. Any sky bridge near Purdue.

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9. The basement of Pierce Hall.

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10. Your dorm room.

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Have any better places to cry at Purdue?! Drop us a line!!
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