10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At USC

Let’s face it, college students suffer in more ways than one. There are the constant deadlines, the pressure to make time for friends and familytime that you do not haveas well as managing your neglected sleep schedule. Add to that the crappy roommates, a roach-infested apartment, clingy SOs and overall crap days, and BAM, you are a true college student. Then you feel it. The burning in your eyes, the stuffy headedness, and the snot. Oh, the snot. Finally, the waterworks. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve all had our moments of sadness and desperation, so find out the best places to let the tears flow in a way that can be beneficial to your surroundings and yourself. Read on for the 10 best places to cry when you just can’t anymore at USC! 

Enjoy this piece. And happy crying!

10. Customer Service Center Counter

If you hate dealing with customer service clap your hands.

9. Dining Hall

What do you mean there’s no pizza?!

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8. Dorm Lobby

Fingerprint scanner not working again? Well that sucks.

7. Leavey Library Reflecting Pool

Finals got you down but don’t want to waste your tears? Let them fall into the pool and recycle the water!

6. Traveler the Horse

Apparently, he is a very good listener and will always be there for moral support.

5. Lyon Center

Let it out as you work out.

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4. Financial Aid Office

If you’re broke and you know it, shed some tears.

3. Campus Cruiser

The drivers will feel your pain. They probably know exactly what you’re going through.

2. Trojan Grounds Starbucks

Not enough ice in your iced coffee? Too little lemon in your lemonade?

1. Target

New shops need to be christened by college student tears, you know.

And a bonus:

During a Midterm

Show just how strongly you feel about that 8 a.m. exam.

Do you know any other good places to cry at USC? Let us know down below!
Featured image source: Pinterest.com
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