10 Places To Cry When You Just Can’t Anymore At UMichigan

As the Leaders and the Best, all UMichigan students have felt, and will feel, a moment when they just can’t anymore. Can’t study, think, or deal with everything that is tied with attending the best school in the country. Think about it – four years of hard work, studying, fun and pressure can cause a lot of stress. And, there’s no better way to get over it than with a good cry session.

Keep reading for a list of 10 of the best (and maybe also the worst) places to cry on campus!

1. The Bathroom Stalls (Outside the Advising Center)

A bad break up, you didn’t get the classes/placement you wanted, your GPA is dropping, or there’s a cockroach in your hall…bathrooms are always a good place to cry, especially if they are near your advisor. Pro tip – if you’re planning on crying in a bathroom, pick the handicap stall. You can crawl up in a corner away from the toilet…the last thing you need is to deal with the stress of hugging a germ-infested toilet seat.

2. The Diag – Right on the Block M

As a Michigan student, you know to avoid the Block M in the Diag at ALL costs. But, if you find that you stepped on the M you might as well lay across it and ball your eyes because the damage has been done.

3. In the Nearest Tree on Campus

If you’re like me, you probably want a private place to spill your tears. But hey, who says a public place can’t do the trick now and then. Who knows? If you’re lucky, maybe only the campus squirrels will see you. They might even lend you a tissue.

4. Under a Desk in the Shapiro Undergrad Library

Research often lands you with your back against a wall. Luckily the study desks in the library make the perfect hiding spot when you need to let it all out. Make sure to be on the lower level of the library or you’ll be shushed for crying!

5. In Your Car…

…Or, since Ann Arbor has limited parking, on a free MBus ride. This way, you have a crowd of trapped people that have to listen to your problems – it’s like a free therapy session!

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6. In the Arb

There’s nothing better than a peaceful, quiet walk, or swim in the Huron River, to calm your emotions. Extra plus – nature is a great listener! At the Arb, you can sing (or scream) your heart out. 

7.  Crawled up in the little hubs of the Fishbowl

Maybe you put off printing the paper that’s 25% of your grade until the morning its due, or maybe your computer just crashed and you’re out of money…we get it! The Fishbowl and all of its tech and comfy furniture will help you feel better!

8. Between Books in the Stacks

Pick up a book, wipe away your tears, take a nap, and let the stories of the stacks transport you! Get ready to run out when you’re caught water staining the book pages!

9. The Michigan League Fountain, in the Center of Campus

Cry…in a fountain?! Trust me on this one – as someone who just had my orientation on the most humid days of July, the Michigan summer heat had me dying to jump in. The same goes for the girl next to me whining that her makeup was melting off – true story. Just jumping in and walking around will make any of your worries disappear, as you’re transported back to the summer before college, when stress was inexistent!

10. Your Good Ol Dorm Room at University of Michigan

At the end of the day, there’s no better place to chill down than your dorm room – your home away from home. Let loose, go wild, dance around, or just sit in the pile of laundry you didn’t do and let it all out!

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Can you think of any other places at UMichigan to cry?! Comment below!
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