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10 Places To Buy Cheap Textbooks For College Classes

When you’re going to school, the last thing you want to do is pay $400 for textbooks you probably will only use for four months, that’s where the internet comes in handy and will help you find cheap textbooks. Sure, you can rent used copies of textbooks from your schools’ bookstore, which is mainly what I did because my books were mostly novels for my literary courses or specific collections that I couldn’t find online any cheaper, but when you can find books cheaper, you need to take advantage. These websites are some of the best sites to find cheap textbooks.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the key to everything these days – you can even order groceries now. It makes sense to order your books from Amazon, especially since this site started out as an online book store. Just search the title and author of the book or use the ISBN to find what you’re looking for. You can get two-day shipping with prime, rent ebooks and pay for only the amount of time you need the book for, or if you only need a book for a few days (which will probably be the case at some point) some textbooks have a seven-day trial.

2. Chegg

I used this site a few times to buy some of my college textbooks. It was super easy, all you had to do was search the book title with the author and/or edition number, or the ISBN and there you have it! With Chegg, you can get physical copies or ebooks, and if you need to return the book or books for any reason, there’s free return shipping for 21 days after you receive them.

3. AbeBooks

AbeBooks is another site that I used for my college textbooks. AbeBooks offers new and used textbook options, you can also find academic journals and classic literature, all you need to do is the ISBN to find the book or books you need. Some of the other perks AbeBooks has are free shipping on tons of books, and they will buy your books once you’re done with them – if you don’t want to keep them, that is.

4. ValoreBooks

Like AbeBooks and Chegg, I used ValoreBooks, you can buy or rent your college textbooks, return them within 30 days if you need to, or sell them back at the end of the semester with free shipping.


Now, I didn’t use but from what I’ve heard, it’s a great option that can save you up to 90% – yeah, that’s crazy. has new or used books and ebooks, it offers free shipping on orders over $25, has a standard 30-day return policy, and will buy your used books.


This site actually allows you to compare the prices of college textbooks from all the different sites online, which means you can find the cheapest price in one search. The details are very much the same as above as far as what kinds of books you can find and in the sense that they will buy your used textbooks.

See Also

7. SlugBooks

SlugBooks is basically the same type of thing as, but it’s another option for you if you want to buy your college textbook or books online.

8. CampusBooks

CampusBooks is similar to because it also lets you compare prices of textbooks and it will buy your textbooks when you are done with them.

9. Alibris

This is one I wish I had known of a few years ago because it might have made my life much easier with all the super specific and hard to find books I needed to find for my English classes. All you need is the ISBN to search for your book. You can actually search for multiple books at a time on this site which is a big plus. You have 21 days to return any books if you need. If you rent your books, they have different rental options to choose from and if you decide you want to keep a rental, you can contact them to buy it instead of returning it.

10. is owned by eBay and is basically just eBay’s version of all the sites listed above. If you have an eBay account, you can link it to, pay with PayPal, and if you need to return any books, the return shipping is free.

Have you bought your college textbooks from any of these websites? Or are you like I was and buy used from your school? Share your experience and advice in the comments.

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