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10 Places To Buy Affordable Art Online

10 Places To Buy Affordable Art Online

As a young 20-something, I have found a lot of great sources for affordable art. I love to decorate my space with art from around the world, and support local artists in the process. Even if you’re decorating on a tight budget, there’s still a desire to be surrounded by beautiful things. In an effort to share the love, I’ve made this list of all the places online where you can find affordable art for your own home or dorm or apartment. My insider tip: if you can’t afford a print, by a card and frame it with a mat. Instant upgrade.

1. Hôtel Magique

Hôtel Magique is one of my all-time favorite places to shop for prints. They also sell pillow cases, market bags, and other items, doing occasional collaborations with artists. It was created by creative Milou Neelan, who was inspired by a piece of artwork she created with a hotel vibe. From there, the brand was born. Hôtel Magique is perfect for anyone with a dreamy, breezy taste in art and especially modern designs. The brand combines Neelan’s love for “hotel nights and paper goods,” so if you’re also an escapist at heart you will love supporting this online shop.


2. Fy!

Fy! is a website full of emerging brands, over 500 to be exact. You can find many other items for your home aside from wall art on their site. But the wall art is why we’re here! They have prints of every kind of style and look created by designers and artists who want to sell their work. I personally love the variety of photography they have from places around the globe, and maps to go with each city too. Check out their website to find something that suits you and the space you’re creating.

3. Society6

Society6 is the site “where every purchase pays an artist.” Like Fy!, their offerings vary greatly, but their selection of art and photography for your walls is deep and full of variety. As their statement proclaims, Society6 is a collection of artists from around the globe who are selling their work through this website. This is a great place to shop if you are inspired or inclined to support small artists. The possibilities seem quite endless when you’re scrolling through Society6, I have to say!


4. Etsy

I’m sure most of us are familiar with Etsy at this point in time, but it’s obviously worth mentioning in the category of affordable art. Like many of these other sites, when you make a purchase on Etsy you are really buying from an artist. What I love about Etsy is that it’s a global marketplace. You can find handmade art, or vintage finds, all in one place. Many of my favorite artists that I’ve found through Instagram sell their work on Etsy, and I love being able to support them by buying a print.

5. Minted

Minted has a wide array of affordable art for sale on their website, including curated collections for you to browse and discover art that fits your style. I love the Minted motto, which goes like this: “Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won’t accept anything else.” Sounds perfect to me. Like the other websites I’ve mentioned, Minted is made up of local artists and designers, boasting a community from all 50 states and over 100 countries. 


6. Artfinder

Artfinder is another online source for authentic, hand-crafted art. They offer original art from independent artists around the world, which sets them apart from the other websites I’ve mentioned here. If you are looking for that perfect special piece that you might spend a little more on, but is still affordable art, then Artfinder is the place to go. The different mediums offered include painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, drawing, digital art, and collage. Artfinder allows you the opportunity to discover new artists from across the world, and purchase a very special original piece from one of them. 

7. Paper Collective

Paper Collective offers truly beautiful and mostly modern pieces of affordable art. I absolutely love the mission of Paper Collective as well, so if you are shopping with a conscious mind, this is the place you should start! They bring together designers, artists, and illustrators “to create inspirational and iconic graphic prints and products while promoting great causes and charities.” Their three most important principles are social responsibility, sustainability and strong creative partnerships. Once you browse the site, you’ll see why a print from Paper Collective is next on my list to buy!

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8. 20×200

I love 20×200 because I think their idea is very innovative in helping artists to make a living. They introduce “incredible limited-edition art, created in collaboration with talented artists.” You won’t be able to find this art anywhere else, and they promise that the quality is superb. Their motto is “It’s art for everyone” which fits perfectly in this category of affordable art.  

9. AHAlife 

AHAlife features prints and photographs that are all connected to nature in some way or another. They are a great destination for affordable art with meaning behind it. AHAlife is “a global community marketplace featuring timeless, sustainable, and thoughtful gifts, home goods, and accessories from independent brands and designers — carefully curated for modern women and their busy, urban lifestyle.” I love this statement alone! They want women to feel more connected with their communities through the objects they use everyday. I have my eye on their world map print!


10. Artifact Uprising 

Last but not least on this list of affordable art, we have Artifact Uprising. This is a great place to search for art if you’re looking for a one stop shop, since they offer great framing services. Turn a favorite photography or moment with friends into a piece of art on your wall with their beautiful print options. I love the idea of immortalizing a moment into something you look at everyday on your wall!

I hope this list provided you with enough options to find a piece of affordable art that’s perfect for your space. Share this article with friends who need some interiors inspiration, and get shopping!

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