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10 Places That Serve Delightfully Over The Top Milkshakes

10 Places That Serve Delightfully Over The Top Milkshakes

When you’re craving something sweet, milkshakes are often a good choice. You can easily pair it with a burger or simply enjoy it on it’s own. The milk combined with ice cream, makes it a perfect mix of creamy goodness. From strawberry to chocolate, there are so many ways you can enjoy a shake. However it may be easy to think you’ve reached the limit of a milkshake’s potential. But the truth is there is, there are so many over the top milkshakes out there these days that push the limits.

From cookies on top to stylish whipping cream, some restaurants out there are offering over the top milkshakes that will put your local burger joint to shame. You might have heard rumors of over the top milkshakes popping up in restaurants, but you truly can’t appreciate how crazy they are until you see what they look like. Here are 10 places that serve delightfully over the top milkshakes!

 1.  The Yard Milkshake

This milkshake joint has several locations, some of which are close to beautiful beaches. You can find them in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and even Texas. The Yard Milkshake specializes in serving milkshakes, so it’s no wonder their shakes are truly something to behold. Many of their drinks feature crazy toppings like cupcakes, cereal, and candy.


Their Mermaid milkshake for example, contains birthday cake ice cream inside a marshmallow dipped jar. Toppings include whipping cream, marshmallow cream, mermaid candy jewels, rock candy stick, and a mermaid tail shaped white chocolate.

2. Jojo’s Milk Bar

This Chicago restaurant is serving up sweet treats like milk bars, cookies, and hot chocolate. Of course, milkshakes are where they truly shine however. Some milkshake choices include sweets like cotton candy, gummy bears, and graham crackers. You can even spike the shake by paying extra to pair it with an alcoholic drink like whiskey or vodka. The alcohol can add a new flavor to your shake! 


If you’re feeling up for it, you can also order burgers at the place. There’s also sandwiches and fries available. However, after wolfing down a giant milkshake, you may not be ready to indulge in another meal just yet. 

3. Snowopolis

This Californian chain is focused on cold treats like shaved ice and shakes. You can also get s’mores or build your own cookies, however it is the shakes that are worth getting. Their gourmet shakes include flavors choices like Unicorn and Smorelicious. The over the top shakes are seriously tasty, and definitely worth a try.


4. Shake Yard

In Bogotá, you can find Shake Yard offering great milkshakes. The restaurant offers tons of crazy flavors that you can try from snickers topped shakes to M&M combinations. If you’re not feeling too keen on any particular flavor, you can also make your own over the top milkshake at the shop!


5. Mable’s

Located in Virginia, Mable’s offers burgers and baked goods. But of course, like all the others on the list they are famous for their milkshakes. They offer some truly extravagant and huge milkshakes that will seemingly tower over you when they arrive. The restaurant is super popular, so you’ll want to get on the waitlist quickly!

6. Cupcake Kitchen

Although obviously focused on cupcakes based on the title, the restaurant also whips up some great shakes. Located in Austin, the cupcake shop offers shakes with treats in them like fruity pebbles or other treats. The store also has some special flavors that combine cupcakes into the mix!


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7. Cheeky Bee

This restaurant in Delhi, India is offering some seriously delicious food. You can get burgers and other meals and of course, over the top shakes. The shakes come in a variety of flavors, and you can get ones like the Brownie shake or Red Velvet shake.


8. The Market Milkshake Bar

Located in Florida, you can get tons of sweet milkshakes here. Some flavors include cookies & cream and Key lime!


9. Crusade Burger

At Crusade Burger in Chicago you’ll find tons of crazy shakes to try. From shakes with a Popsicle stuck in them to cakes piled on, there’s a lot to love for milkshake fans.

10. Blacktap

Arguably considered the starter of the freakshake craze, this burger joint in NYC has been serving over the top milkshakes for awhile now. From shakes with cake to ones with giant oreos, there are a lot of outrageous shakes here. This is definitely a must try for any milkshaker lover. With that being said beware of long wait times, as this restaurant draws in large crowds. The good news is that there are now multiple locations, one of which is in Las Vegas!


Are there any other shops offering over the top milkshakes? Tell us in the comments below!

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