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5 Places In Colorado To Go Snow Shoeing

5 Places In Colorado To Go Snow Shoeing

Colorado has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor adventures. It is mostly known for its ski slopes, but a lot of people forget about the year round hiking trails. In the winter, many of these trails turn into snowshoeing trails. Renting snow shoes is cheaper and easier than renting skis or a snowboard. And let’s be honest it is a lot safer and you get to go on fun hikes with gorgeous views of Colorado. Here are some top places to go Snow shoeing in Colorado.

Estes Park/Glacier Gorge Trail

Estes Park is a small mountain town about 2  hours away from Denver. It is connected to Rocky Mountain National Park offering scenic views and trails to explore. Try Glacier Gorge trail. This is a trail for a more experienced snow shoeing experience so it might not be your first attempt. But if you are comfortable enough the views and the hike are completely worth it as you look down upon the rocky mountains. You can take the trail to Mills Lake, just a 2.7 mile hike. While you are in Estes Park, check out the Brewery and whiskey tours and don’t forget to check out the Stanley Hotel, the hotel that THE SHINING is based off of.

5 places in Colorado to go Snowshoeing

Bear Lake

Speaking of Snow shoeing in Estes Park, when you are in Rocky Mountain National Park, check out Bear Lake. Not as crowded in the winter, it is a great spot to check out the powder for snow shoes. It is a short and easy trail, perfect for beginners. And being a part of Rocky Mountain National Park, you can always ask Park Rangers for their advice and help for new trails in the area.

5 places in Colorado to go Snowshoeing


Mostly known as a ski town, Breckenridge offers snowshoeing opportunities as well. Breckenridge is just about an hour and a half west of Denver, offering a close location to get to for the weekend or even a day trip. Boreas Pass Road is one of the most popular and easiest snow shoeing passes in Breckenridge. The trail road, which is actually 6.2 miles long, offers gorgeous views of Breckenridge itself and connects to the continental divide. Plus if you are picking a weekend to go snow shoeing in Breck, then make sure to check out the snow sculpture festival while you are there.

5 places in Colorado to go Snowshoeing

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Fort Collins/Horsetooth Reservoir

Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University. It is one hour north of Denver and makes an easy day trip to get out of the city. A fine city itself, it will take you back in time and make you feel like you’re in a small town when you’re really not. It is home to Horsetooth reservoir located in Lory State Park and has a hiking trail all year round and offers a variety of difficulty levels when it comes to snow shoeing. The reservoir offers 6 miles of water to hike around and offers gorgeous views of Colorado. Poudre Canyon is not far away and also offers some ideal trails for snow shoeing.

5 places in Colorado to go Snowshoeing

Steamboat Spring/Rabbit Ears Pass

Steamboat Springs in about 3 hours away from Denver. A gorgeous town in the valley, it offers a small mountain town feel and has lots of winter activities to choose from including snow shoeing. Rabbit Ears Pass near Steamboat is great in the summer and winter and offers a variety of difficulties from beginner snow shoeing to a seasoned hiker. It is 3.7 mile long trail, but family friendly. It is easier to hike the loop clockwise.

5 places in Colorado to go Snowshoeing

If you are not a skier, snow shoeing might be the right fit for you. It gets you outside in the gorgeous outdoors in Colorado. You can experience Colorado snow without flying down a mountain. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.

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