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5 Places Every GCU Student Goes To Eat Off-Campus

5 Places Every GCU Student Goes To Eat Off-Campus

Eating off-campus is like going to Disneyland. The minute someone asks you or tells you that they are going somewhere off-campus, you instantly swell with excitement. Then comes the moment of truth where someone has to decide where they are going to eat. For some people, this is the moment of defeat because no one is capable of making a decision. Too many places to choose from, no one cares to be specific on what they are craving, or you have that certain someone in the car that is too specific on what they want to eat. Fortunately, there are some places that every student can agree on to go. To give a better picture of what I mean, here is a list of five hot spots that every GCU student goes to eat off-campus.

1.) Filiberto’s

If living in Arizona has taught me anything, it is that you cannot go wrong with Mexican food. I learned this one night while I was out with some friends. We were on our way back to campus when someone asked if we could stop and get some food. All heads nodded. Everyone agreed that Mexican food sounded good, but no one knew any good places. We were only freshmen at the time. So, we had nott experienced any of the hot spots, yet, or knew where to find them. No one bothered to say anything or mention a restaurant until we rounded the corner and got on Camelback.
Filiberto’s was its name. One of my friends had mentioned her classmates went there all the time. They said it was really good, especially for the price. We were college students, so yes, cheap was how we rolled. The Mexican restaurant catered to our needs, that night. Filling us with savory burritos and sweet refreshments. I indulged myself in their shredded chicken enchiladas while everyone else filled themselves up with, either a super burrito or carne asada fries. We all helped ourselves to each other’s plate, taste-testing everything. Everything was delicious! Even the horchata.
Since that night, every time someone craved even the slightest bit of burritos, Spanish rice, and beans, we didn’t hesitate the drive to Filiberto’s. It wasn’t until I mentioned the place to classmates that I heard the place was a popular spot. What made it even more so was that it was open twenty-four hours. As if I didn’t need another reason to ask my parents for more money.

2.) Dutch Bros

Everyone knows caffeine is a college student’s best friend. The place to be, when you need your caffeine, is Dutch Bros.
The private drive-through chain is booming with popularity among college students. GCU students are no exception. What makes Dutch Bros so popular among GCU students is the environment that surrounds it. When pulling up to Dutch Bros you are immediately drawn to the welcoming atmosphere. The greeters that are working the drive-through are regularly wearing a smile. They are so chill when conversing with their customers.
They will start with the typical “how is your day,” and so on. Four out of five times they will ask what your plans are for the night, compliment on your attire, or just ask you how life has been. Some people might find these conversations to be tiring or annoying, but GCU students favor them. 
One thing about Dutch Bros is that they have a secret menu. It elaborates on what kind of drinks they have: teas, coffees, freezes, frosts. Their best-selling beverages, come to find out, are their energy drinks, rebels. Rebels are carbonized drinks that are filled with Blue Rebel, an energy drink, and various flavored syrups. The fun thing about rebels is that you can order them from the menu, personalize them with as many flavors as you want, or order a surprise. I later made it a habit to order those.

3.) Olive Garden

You can never go wrong with Italian food. However, it can be a bit pricey. Depending on where you go. One place that never fails to satisfy is Olive Garden.
Olive Garden is relatively well-known for its pasta plates. However, the Italian restaurant is notorious for its breadsticks, which I forgot to mention are bottomless. As sad as it is, I never had the pleasure of trying Olive Garden until my freshman year of college. It was then that I tasted the infamous sticks of bread, layered in garlic and buttery delight. Unfortunately, my roommates and I could only afford to go there every other weekend, or on special occasions. No matter. We were there enough to say we were regulars.


4.) Gila River Arena

Another place that has proven to be a GCU hot spot is the Gila River Arena. Normally, people would come here to watch a hockey game, see a show, or have a few drinks. Surprisingly enough, they are full of numerous restaurants. They have anything from Thai to American, Boba to Ice Cream. I couldn’t name every restaurant there if I wanted to. Despite that, I can guarantee that you will find many GCU students there wandering around on a Friday night. If they are not there to watch a show or a game, I promise they are there to eat in one of the many restaurants.

5.) Denny’s

The last place you can undoubtedly find GCU students at is Denny’s. Although, it is more of a breakfast hot spot than anything else. Generally, students will eat at Denny’s for a couple of reasons. One, it is cheap. I’m sorry, but when it comes to college students, we like cheap. Second, it is comfort food. Put these two together and you have a master plan for success. Not to mention the diner is open twenty-four seven and sitting behind the ever-growing campus. 


What are your college hot spots? Where do you typically go to grab a bite or get filled on your daily dose of caffeine? Let us know in the comments below.

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