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10 Places To Cry At West Chester University

10 Places To Cry At West Chester University

West Chester University has some phenomenal places to cry on or near campus. Here is a list of the ten best places to cry when you can't deal anymore.

Gotta cry? Even mighty West Chester University Golden Rams have to let it out sometimes! Go get emotional at these tear-friendly spots around town.

1.  Toby’s K9 Camp on West Chester University

Sure, it smells like doggie-doo and fur clumps but that will just help let the tears flow faster.


2.  Amore Pizza & Resturante

There’s nothing an old Italian pizza chef doesn’t love more than a bawling young woman in his pizza shoppe.

3.  Bench Near West Chester University Neighborhood Homeless

Homeless people are good listeners.


4.  Yori’s Bakery

Donuts and cupcakes dry tears like the desert sun.

5.  WC’s Shady-Ass Alleys

Will it attract attention? Sure!  Will it help you feel better? No promises there!

6.  Underneath the Rammy Statue

Rammy’s bronze belly provides a warming shelter like no other ♥


7.  Under the Bleachers During Band Practice

If drowning out the sound of your own crying via tuba solos isn’t the key to happiness, I don’t know what is.

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8.  In an Uber

The driver may charge extra and not actually listen to your sob story, but at least you’ll know someone’s there.

9.  Saturday Morning at the WC Farmer’s Market

The wonderful Amish families are super supportive– and they make delicious jam!


10.  Under your Professor’s Desk

If you weren’t getting an A before, you most certainty are getting one now.  And no, it’s not just out of pity…

Do you know any other places to cry on West Chester University campus?! Comment below!
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