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10 Thoughts You Have If You’re A Pittsburgh Local Attending Pitt

10 Thoughts You Have If You’re A Pittsburgh Local Attending Pitt

There are pros and cons to growing up in Pittsburgh and attending Pitt for college. These are 10 relatable thoughts every Pittsburgh local will have at Pitt

After living in Pittsburgh, it isn’t that much of a change to attending college at Pitt. You have already been to the city a million times and you’re super close to home. These are 10 thoughts every Pittsburgh native has if they go to Pitt.

1. You were reluctant to visit Pitt in the first place, but your parents made you.

If you are anything like me, Pitt was the last place I thought I would end up. I wanted to go to college far, far, away. But the day after I toured Pitt’s campus, I enrolled. Nothing like being hypocritical and happy about it.

2. While out-of-towners are excited to visit the city, you’ve been to the South Side a million times.

One can only visit the cheesecake factory so many times, and you’re broke so what’re going to buy anyways? Pittsburgh has a subtle, historic beauty that should be seen but the only time I want to go to Mt. Washington is at night.



3. Even though you’ve been watching Pitt Sports all your life, you’re excited to cheer them on as a student there.




4. You’re intimidated because your genius of a math teacher went there.

Don’t worry, not everyone will be smarter than you. Plus, it’s college: C’s get degrees. And you can always email that teacher that makes going to Pitt seem intimidating.

5. From the suburbs? You live in the city now! Get ready to party study.

Don’t fail out, but take advantage of everything Pitt has to offer! There’s museums, art galleries, 21+ clubs, 18+ clubs, school clubs, and tons of sporting events! It’s nothing like living in the suburbs where you have nothing to do.


6. You’re eyes widened at the sight of the In-State tuition.

So you’re doing everything to make money. Work study, summer job, writing articles *cough*, and applying for all of the no-essay scholarships you can. You also feel bad for the kids that aren’t from Pittsburgh, because they have it worse.

7. Accepting that everyone is going to ask you where things are.

Be prepared to be asked for recommendations and directions. If you’re from a suburb, like me, DO NOT GIVE PEOPLE DIRECTIONS. They’re probably wrong and if follow-up questions insue, you are in trouble. Unless you memorized a map, then it’s okay. Some study time about Pittsburgh is necessary before starting in the Fall.


8. You can go home whenever you want, for however long you want to.

You can go home and let your mom fuss over if you’re eating enough, do laundry, get away from the city, visit your grandparents, and see your dog. The benefits of being able to go home are endless. And you don’t have to stay long, 😉

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9. If you’re from a Penn State Family… well that sucks.

Just kidding. If you really love your family, you’ll forgive them. Just make sure to buy them all Pitt merch for Christmas.

10. When winter comes, you know you will hate life.

Didn’t take that offer to go to UNC? You’re going to regret that when winter rolls in. You know how cold Pittsburgh gets, now you have to walk around outside in it.


Pittsburgh weather is hated by all locals. Hot, cold, hailing, snowing, rain. Pittsburgh’s weather is an endless cycle of PMS-ing. You are going to go from boots to flip-flops within a week. Bring many, many, shoes and types of jackets. Stay strong, you can get through the 7 months of winter.


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