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10 Pinterest Approved Clothing DIY Projects That Dont Need A Sewing Machine

10 Pinterest Approved Clothing DIY Projects That Dont Need A Sewing Machine

At the beginning of each season, we find ourselves cleaning out our closet in need to make room for something new. We discard clothing we no longer wear because we’ve either grown tired or never truly knew what we were thinking when we bought them. Before you put these clothes in the donation pile, these articles of clothing might have a second chance. I’ve put together some fun clothing DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that don’t require a sewing machine at all.

1. Turn your old sweat suit into a cute set

This tutorial video shows you how to transform your old winter sweats into a cool new outfit that you can wear instantly. It makes for a simple summer outfit that you can create in minutes.

2. Turn your old maxi skirt into a fishtail skirt

Take one of your old maxi skirts that you don’t wear anymore and start cutting. At an asymmetrical angle, cut your skirt to give it a new life that will make you want to wear it again.


3. Turn your old tee into a tank

Don’t toss out that old tee shirt just yet! This simple clothing DIY will turn your forgotten tee into the perfect summer day tank top.

4 … Or a halter top

If you have enough tank tops, give this halter tutorial a try. This one is also simple enough, just cut it accordingly, twist and voila! You have yourself a new summer top.

5. Give your shirt some new color

This clothing DIY activity will give your shirt a fresh look and it is super fun to do. Once you dip dye your shirt, you will want to dip dye just about everything in your closet and give it new life.


6. Cut the sleeves off

If a halter or racer back sleeveless top isn’t your thing, try this simple clothing DIY. It’s as simple as one, two three. Just cut one sleeve, then the other then its ready to wear!

7. Transform your old sweatshirt

Fix up an old sweatshirt taking up space in your closet with this little trick. Just a simple cut, hand sew and a little bow to add some fun to your born-again sweater.

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8. Design your own neckerchief

All you need here is some fabric, maybe from an old tee that you no longer wear, and some fabric paint. Design the fabric with anything you like drawing inspiration from your favorite designers or artists and you have your very own chic accessory!

9. Make your very own hair tie

This clothing DIY is incredibly easy and very cute. All you need is a hair tie, twist ties, scissors and some fun fabric from something you were thinking about discarding, possibly an old sundress or button down shirt. Follow this simple tutorial and you have a new hair accessory.

10. Design your own tee

For this clothing DIY, get some fabric paint, a color of your choosing and a plain tee. Be your own designer and choose an art motif that inspires you or maybe a quote. Either way, this idea takes a personalized tee to a brand new level.


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