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Piercings You Need To Consider Getting

Piercings You Need To Consider Getting

Piercings are ways for people to express themselves, look badass (even if they’re not) and spice up their look. They’re a body modification that’s not as expensive as plastic surgery and isn’t as permanent (although if properly taken care of, will last forever) as a tattoo. There’s a wide amount of jewelry options, from subtle studs, to shiny jewels and colors that’ll pop and stand out. Whether you’re getting your 10th piercing or your first, here are piercings you need to consider getting!


I got my right tragus pierced last December, and I have loved how subtle yet badass it makes me feel and look. I think this piercing is one of those piercings that’s on the rise right now, but people that aren’t super into piercings won’t think of them when they hear the word piercings. 

This piercing is in cartilage, so the healing time will be longer than if you just got your lobe pierced. It usually takes 3-6 months for this piercing to heal. It depends on how well you take care of it and also the way your body heals itself, which varies from person to person. You can’t (or really really shouldn’t) sleep on the side you got this piercing. For the first month, I avoided wearing headphones and earbuds in my right ear so I wouldn’t move or irritate the piercing, and I think that helped in the healing process. 

You can spice this look up with a cute stud that has a jewel in it or a hoop. You can also keep it classic, like me, and leave a silver or gold ball in there as a cute accent piece (that’s also usually work friendly).

This is one of my favorite piercings and one you should get if you’re looking for a new piercing but aren’t sure which one you want!

Piercings You Need To Consider Getting


A conch piercing is one I’ve been wanting for a while, but haven’t had the time or money to actually go out and get it! I love that you can get a hoop that wraps around your ear if you have this piercing, or can leave a stud in for a subtle look.

This is another cartilage piercing, so healing time will take longer than a lobe piercing. It can take from 3-9 months, depending on how well you take care of the percing and also on the way your body heals itself. I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t sleep on your tragus piercing, and same goes for this one – same goes for all piercings in my opinion. You want to allow the piercings to heal properly, and sleeping on it for a few hours every night isn’t going to make the healing process go smoothly.

I personally love the look of a hoop in this piercing! It cutely wraps around the ear and if you get a hoop that has a jewel on it, I think that turns the look into something classy and sexy.

Piercings You Need To Consider Getting



I have had my septum pierced for 2 years now, and love how subtly badass it makes me look and feel! I got my septum pierced over my nostrils because I had some family members that would hardcore judge me if I got a facial piercing, so I wanted a way to hide my piercing. Also because I like my face without a permanent piece of jewelry but still wanted a nose piercing. The septum was perfect for me, and if you’re in a similar situation or thought process, it’s perfect for you too.

This is one of those piercings that really changes your look. It’s right in the middle of your face, so people can’t ignore it. You can flip it up into your nose if you want, or you can have a hoop and leave it down all the time. I like circular barbells so I can flip it up for work easily.

Healing time for this piercing takes 6-8 months, once again depending on your aftercare and the way your body heals itself. As with any piercing, do not touch your nose or the area for the first few weeks. You put yourself at risk of infection and improper healing. Listen to your piercer and go to them if any problems occur! It’s super tempting to touch and play with this one because it’s a new addition to your face, but refrain from that to protect yourself in the long run!

Being one of my favorite piercings, I think if you’re wanting to get a piercing that will change your face, go for this one. There’s lot of jewelry options and you feel instantly badass after you get this.

Piercings You Need To Consider Getting


This piercing is tucked in one of the inner folds of your ear. It spices up your look but doesn’t scream “look at me!!” which is one reason I love it and think you should get it.

It takes about 2-3 months to heal, but be sure to remember it depends on your body and how well you take care of it. It’s tucked away in your ear, so be gentle and diligent with cleaning it to avoid infections.

Some people may not have enough cartilage in the area the rook is pierced, so be sure to consult with your piercer if it works for your ear shape, and also be sure your piercer knows where the area is. I suggest bringing in reference photos and clearly communicating where you want it if you decide to go in. If your concerned with the amount of space you have, just bring it up with your piercer and they should be helpful.

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Piercings You Need To Consider Getting

Forward Helix

This piercing stands out and I feel has been on the rise in recent years. I think people are learning about them and realizing how cute piercings on the front part of your cartilage looks. It’s easily noticeable, and depending on how much room you have here can easily fit 2 or 3 piercings.

This piercing can take 6-12 months to heal, depending on your aftercare and how your body heals itself. These piercings are so cute, yet to me, look more badass than multiple lobe piercings. If you want subtle piercings that stand out because everyone can see them, these piercings are the way to go.

Piercings You Need To Consider Getting



This piercing is tucked away like the rook. It can be spiced up with a hoop with jewels that follow the curve of your ear. 

Healing for this piercing is between 4-6 months, but like all the other piercings, depends on how well you take care of it and how your body heals itself.

There have been rumors this piercing helps with migraines, there isn’t scientific research to back that up, but just throwing it out there for those who struggle with them!

Piercings You Need To Consider Getting

Piercings are a fun, cute and badass way to change your look. I think if you want to try something new that’s not your typical cartilage, lobe and nose piercings you should look into these piercings! I personally have 10 piercings, 2 lobe piercings, 4 upper lobe piercings, 2 helix piercings, a tragus and my septum pierced. I love all my piercings and can’t wait to get more! Let us know in the comments below if you plan on getting more piercings and which of these you would get!

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