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15 Pieces Of Halloween Yard Decor That Will Give Your Neighbors The Spooks

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I love making our house as scary as possible. Most of our neighbors also put up scary decorations for Halloween, so they don’t usually find our house creepy. But here are some of the creepiest Halloween decorations I could find that every house needs if they want to scare away the little kids.

1. The Creeper From the Grave Statue

This statue is really cool because it looks like a zombie is coming out of the grave and is trying to ruin your Halloween party. It looks really scary, which is good if you want to scare people away from your house. It will also help you figure out who the brave kids are in your neighborhood, and maybe you could give them an extra piece of candy or two if they ring your doorbell.

This decoration can be found on Wayfair, and probably Amazon. If you like this decoration, you might want to order it now, that way you know for sure that you’ll have the decoration in time for Halloween. You don’t want to order decorations in September if you want time to decorate properly.

2. The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Statue

This is another really creepy statue, that also looks like a zombie is trying to escape its grave. It is another very scary decoration that would be good if you are trying to scare all the kids in your neighborhood. This would be a good decoration if you were having a scary decoration contest with your neighbors, you would probably win.

I found this decoration on a website called Design Toscano. They are a garden decoration site, so this would be a good decoration to put in your flower bed or somewhere else where a lot of flowers would be located. It would fit in nicely with other creepy decorations.

3. Hanging Cocoon Corpse

This is a very scary decoration that could hang from your front porch, only if you have an overhang on the porch. You could also hang it from a tree, if you have a big tree that could support the weight. It is a good decoration if you were having a contest on your street for the scariest decorations. It would definitely scare the kids in your neighborhood, if that’s what you’re going for.

I found this decoration on Amazon, so I would order it as soon as possible. You want to have time to plan how your decorations will look before you set them up, and the easiest way to do that is to have the decorations already bought at least a month before Halloween.

4. Creepy Fun House Arch

Have you ever been in a Fun House? They can be very scary, as well as kind of fun. With this decoration, you can turn your front yard into a funhouse, which would be cool. This arch is kind of creepy, but it is not all that scary, so it probably won’t help you win any contest with your neighbors. But, it would still be really cool to have in your front yard.

I found this decoration on a website called Shindigz, which had a lot of other Halloween decorations. If you aren’t completely sold on this funhouse arch, I would take a look through the website to see if you could find something else you like better.

5. Dragon Skeleton

Dragons are one of the most popular Halloween characters, so it would make sense to have this decoration on your front lawn. It is kind of scary to see the skeleton of any animal, and dragons are pretty scary to begin with. So this would be a good decoration to have in front of your house. I think it is pretty cool, and I love it.

This dragon skeleton was found on the Oriental Trading website, which is another really good website for Halloween decorations. I would also take a look at this website and see what else you would like to decorate your lawn with.

6. Root of Evil

This is a really spooky decoration because any pumpkin on a skeleton body like this is pretty scary. You would probably win some decorating contests for this pumpkin decoration because of how scary it is. This has its own stand on the feet of the skeleton, which makes it so much easier to put on the lawn of your house.

This was found on Oriental Trading, which is a good website for Halloween decorations. Enjoy going through this website to find other decorations you might want to put on your lawn, or in your house, as well.

7. Til Death Do Us Party

This is a really good decoration to put on your lawn because it’s creepy, and it has a really creepy saying on the front of it. This would be good if you plan on dressing up as a mummy or a vampire because these are characters that are generally seen with coffins, so it would be perfect for a photoshoot, which would be good on Halloween.

This coffin was found on Shindigz, which is a good website to go through. There are lots of Halloween decorations on this website that you could go through, in case you want to find something else to decorate your house with.

8. Animated Talking Tree Face

This is a really creepy decoration because it talks to you. Its eyes blink, and it blends right in with the tree, so it looks even creepier, which could win you a lot of contests for the scariest house. The kids might find this interesting, though, so you might get more trick-or-treaters than normal, just because they want to see the talking tree.

This was found on the Oriental Trading website, which is a good website to check out for a lot of up-to-date Halloween decorations. This website has so many good decorations that you could probably spend a couple of hours just looking through everything.

9. Faces of Fear Shock Box

This is the scariest jack-in-the-box I’ve ever seen. It looks terrifying, and I’m not usually scared of Halloween decorations. This would definitely scare the little kids in your neighborhood, so I would definitely give the kids who ring your doorbell some extra candy. They deserve it for walking by this decoration.

I found this decoration on a website called The Bradford Exchange. This website also has some really good Halloween decorations, but it doesn’t have a lot of each decoration. So if you want to look through this site, I would do it as soon as possible.

10. Poseable Skeletons Carrying a Coffin

This would be a perfect decoration if you are having a Halloween party. This decoration can hold all the drinks or party favors you want everyone to use or look at. I think this decoration is more useful than it is scary, but you could still dress it up so it is a little scarier than it looks right now. You could put scary costumes on the skeletons.

This decoration was found on the Oriental Trading website. The website is a good one to look through when you want to find new decorations that you wouldn’t have thought to see earlier. It is good when you want to find scary decorations.

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11. Hanging Body

This is a kind of creepy decoration, so if you are entering your house in a scary contest, I would use this decoration for it. You can hang it from anything that could support its weight, like a large tree or your porch overhang. It might scare the little kids in your neighborhood unless you have really brave kids in your neighborhood.

I found this decoration on a website called Wish. It is a good website to look at for Halloween decorations, but it doesn’t have a lot of each decoration, so I would look through it quickly if you plan on getting decorations from this website.

12. Witch Silhouettes

Everyone loves witches, so this is a really nice decoration to use for your house. You can put spotlights on it or have some type of light shining from behind the decoration to make it look that much creepier. It would be a really cool way to decorate and make sure it is scary enough for your Halloween, which is always the goal with decorations.

I found this decoration on the website Shindigz, which is a good website to look at for Halloween decorations. You can find almost anything on this website, so I would spend a few hours looking through everything if you plan on decorating this year.

13. Unidentified Baby Girl Tombstone

This is a really creepy decoration, which reminds me of the Disney movie Haunted Mansion. If you are going for creepy, this is a good decoration to go for, but if you’re going for scary, I would add something else to this. maybe include a name instead of unidentified, or you can add spooky lights to make it a little scarier.

This scary decoration was found on Etsy. I don’t like using this website a lot, but they do have some really nice Halloween decorations that you could use on your house for Halloween this year, so don’t forget to look around the site a little bit.

14. Pumpkin Reaper

Grim Reapers are already scary enough, but putting a jack o’lantern’s head on top of a Grim Reaper’s body is even creepier. This will definitely win you come decoration contests, it might also make parents very mad at you for traumatizing their children, so if there are a lot of little kids in your neighborhood, I would skip this decoration.

I found this on the Oriental Trading website, which is a good website to look at for Halloween decorations. There are so many decorations to choose from on this website that you can use for Halloween.

15. Creepy Cemetery Archway

This is really creepy. Having a whole cemetery in your front yard is scary to begin with, but there are Grim Reapers here, almost like they’re looking for more people to try to take the souls of. These can be funny, too, depending on how you look at them, so if you are going for funny, just change how it’s set up or something like that.

I found this decoration on the Shindigz website. They have a lot of scary Halloween decorations, so I would look through the website before settling on a specific decoration because you might want to get multiple things instead of just this one.

Halloween is so much fun to decorate for. If you have any decorations that you want to talk about, feel free to comment them down below. I would love to see your favorite scary decorations.

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