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10 Pieces Of Clothing You Need As A Freshman Girl In College

It can be hard to figure out what clothing you need in college. To make it a little easier to pack, I’ve put together a list of 10 pieces of clothing you need as a freshman girl in college.

1. A Pair Of Jeans You Feel Confident In

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’m putting this one right at the top because I’m specifically talking about a pair of jeans you feel confident in. Yes, you should have more than one pair of jeans in your closet. But you definitely need at least one pair that makes you feel like you’re the hottest girl in the room. Why? Because when you’re running late to class or it’s half-way through the semester and you don’t feel like putting together a cute outfit, being able to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but still feel really cute can really make your day. Jeans are especially an item of clothing you need if you’re going somewhere cold for college.

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2. A Pair Of Leggings For Comfy Days

If jeans aren’t your style, leggings should be at the top of a list of clothing you need for college. As much as we all dream we’ll dress up for class every day, the reality is halfway through the semester looking cute takes a back seat to get at least a few hours of sleep. Leggings are an absolute must-have for days when you want to be comfortable. They also are a great alternative to wearing tights under a dress when it’s especially cold out. Plus, you can also wear them to work out!

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3. A Nice(r) Dress For Any Events You Might Have To Attend

You never know when an event will pop up when you need a nicer dress. Maybe your school has formals, maybe you’re rushing a sorority, or maybe you’re going to an Oscars party where you’re supposed to dress like you’re going to walk the red carpet. Whatever the occasion, it’s much better to have brought a nicer dress with you from home that you know you look nice in than have to worry about buying a new one or getting your parents to ship it from home.

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4. A Cute Top To Wear For Parties

As far as clothing you need goes, this is less of an absolute necessity depending on whether or not you’re into going to parties. If you like partying, you’ll probably need more than one. But in general, you do need at least one top you can wear to parties as your go-to. You’re sure to get invited to at least one, and I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to have to do is go shopping last minute for something to wear and end up with something that I wouldn’t have normally bought and probably won’t wear again.

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5. A Cardigan That Goes With Anything

When fall hits, you’re going to be thankful to have at least one neutral sweater you can grab as you run out the door on your way to class. Not only will it be cool outside, but the likelihood that your college’s air conditioning is still blasting is also really high. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself bringing this cardigan to every class within your first month because the AC is turned up so high. 

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6. A T-Shirt To Be Your Go-To

Again, we all want to look adorable on a day to day basis. But sometimes the last thing you want to do is go through all the trouble of putting together a cute outfit when you were up all night cramming and writing that essay you forgot about (we’ve all been there). Having a t-shirt that you always feel cute in is an absolute must for days like these.

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7. A Reliable Pair Of Every Day Shoes

This might be the most important piece of clothing you need. Depending on your schedule and your campus, odds are you’re going to be doing a lot of walking every day. As cute as those heeled booties are, sometimes you don’t want to deal with those on days when you have three classes in different buildings all over campus. Ideally, these should be a pair of shoes that are worn in that go with everything. Depending on your style these might be sneakers, combat boots, or a nice pair of flats.

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8. A Comfy Pair Of Sweatpants

The last thing you want while studying is to be uncomfortable. And when you’re lounging around in your dorm, the last thing you want is to be cold. Make sure you bring at least one pair of solid, comfy sweatpants with you to college. You can also totally get away with wearing these to class, and they are a great option during midterms and finals.

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9. A Pair Of Tights For Cold Days

The fall weather will eventually come, then winter, and having tights to wear under dresses means you can still wear them well into the colder months. As a plus, you can also throw them on under your jeans if it’s really really cold out as an extra layer! If you get cold easily, consider looking into fleece-lined tights for extra warmth. If you’re going to a school in a cold place, this is an item of clothing you need.

10. A Versatile Jacket

Last but absolutely not least, you definitely need a versatile jacket. Ideally, this is warm enough to wear on its own but is loose enough you can wear a sweater under it so you can still wear it into the fall. Something in a more neutral color is best so you can match it with everything, that way you don’t have to bring too many jackets with you and take up valuable closet space.

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Anything you expected to see on this list that’s not on it? Leave it the comments so no one forgets to pack it!

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