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15 Pictures That Make You Wish You Went To UMiami

15 Pictures That Make You Wish You Went To UMiami

If you go to UMiami, you already know how amazing it is. For those of you who don't, here are photos that make you wish you went here.
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If you were to ask any student at the UMiami why they chose to be a Cane, almost every single one of them will tell you because the campus is a one of a kind. Some people consider a college campus pretty if it has timeless brick buildings, trees that are so big they can proved enough shade for your whole squad, and big stretches of grass that make campus feel like a park. At UMiami, we consider beautiful a tropical resort. We are surrounded by palm trees, modern glass buildings, as well as timeless ones, green and orange EVERYTHING, and most importantly, our beloved campus center piece, Lake Osceola. Here are 15 pictures to show you UM is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world.

1. Our Fountains that Look Straight out of a Resort.

At UMiami, our campus is scattered with these gorgeous fountains that even light up and shine bright at night. This one is in the heart of our College of Arts and Sciences and is of course surrounded by our classic orange umbrellas and palm trees.


2.  Everyone’s Aesthetic During Finals.

Another perk of being a Cane, is that during finals week, hammocks are put up EVERYWHERE around campus (virtually between every palm tree, which is a lot) and make for great napping, a one of a kind study spot, as well as the perfect Instagram aesthetic to show off that you go to the greatest school.



3. The Almighty Ibis at UMiami.

Our beloved mascot, Sebastian the Ibis, wasn’t chosen at random just because no other school was an ibis yet, but because our campus is basically an ibis zoo. You’re guaranteed to pass some of these little guys on your way to class every day, and they never fail to put a smile on your face.


4. Our Starbucks > Yours.

It’s no secret that coffee is essential to get through college, and most people’s jo of choice is Starbucks, and we are lucky enough to have two on campus, one right in our library, and the other in our Shalala Student Center. And most importantly, the view from our beloved Starbucks, is one of a kind. 

5. And Then a Place to Drink Your Starbucks.

If you’re like me and you like to sit and relax while drinking your Starbucks instead of grabbing it and then running to class because you’re late, UM has endless outdoor seating and views to take in all around campus, especially outside of our student center overlooking our beloved Lake Osceola.

6. Speaking of Lake Osceola.

No matter where you are around the lake, you’ll have a stunning view across it. But freshmen are especially fond of this one because it showcases Hecht and Stanford, the four towers that make up the freshmen dorms.


7. The View on our Walk to Class.

While we’re talking about Osceola, this picture showcases what every Cane sees on their walk from the dorms to class. A view like this makes all of the stress from tests, assignments, and papers vanish from your mind. 

8. Did I Mention There’s Palm Trees Everywhere?

No matter where you are on campus you will be surrounded by palm tress, but there are some places where you are SURROUNDED by palm trees and you look up and see this. These are my favorite spots on campus and make for the best shady study spots.


9. This Postcard Worthy View.

When I was a senior in high school and visited the U before I committed to being a Cane, this was the very first thing I saw once I got out of the car, and most people don’t even believe that I took this on a college campus. It sums up the U showcasing the lake, the dorms, and all of the beautiful green and palm trees. This is an all around favorite view and picture perfect spots on campus.


10. Sunsets are Unreal on Campus.

Whenever you put palm trees and water with a sunset, you have an dream worthy view. Especially since UM looks amazing covered in that sunset orange light. Sitting outside watching the sun go down is the most relaxing thing to do on campus, and thankfully, you can do it every single day.

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11. Mornings Can Also Be Breathtaking.

Lets be honest, most college students don’t opt for 8 am classes unless they have no other choice. But there is something so peaceful about campus early in the morning because there’s hardly anyone around and not a cloud in sight, making for even more spectacular views.



12. Saturdays are the Best Day of the Week in the Fall.

College Football is important on every campus, and Saturdays are sacred days, but at the U, there is something special about being surrounded by the student section all holding up the U and looking around a sea of orange and green to cheer on our beloved Canes. Having our home turf being Hard Rock Stadium also ups our whole football vibe, as well as our school spirit.

13.  Speaking of School Spirit…

 Our gymnasium can make any Cane all warm and fuzzy inside because of how much spirit it breeds. Seeing the U so big and shiny on the hardwood floor, can make anyone proud to be Cane and wish they were at UM.


14. The Hottest Club Around, Richter Library.

Not only is this library fit with a Starbucks a few steps away, all the technology and resources imaginable, but it, and its views are also gorgeous. It looks over the green and the endless palm trees around campus, giving you a relaxing study view. And the building itself stunning.

15. THE U.

Every Cane’s favorite landmark on campus, The U statue. The U is a symbol that unites all of us, current, past, and even future Canes, and its bright orange and green, make us all proud to call the University of Miami our home. 

Can you think of any other reasons why you wish you went to UMiami?! Comment below!
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