15 Pictures That Make You Wish You Were Starting NEU

NEU prides itself on having green spaces despite being in the middle of the city of Boston. It’s places like these that make Northeastern so picture-perfect! Below you can find 15 pictures that will make you wish you were starting school at Northeastern TOMORROW! (Maybe even as soon as yesterday).

CAUTION: The following content may make you fall in love with NEU!

1. LOOK AT THIS! It’s just so breath-taking.


2. You can find an Adirondack chair and a vibrantly painted mural pretty much anywhere on campus!


3. Okay but can we take a minute and just appreciate this work of art? #ISEC #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases


4. I can’t stop and won’t stop obsessing over the new Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex #ISEC


5. LOOK AT ALL THOSE COLORS! It’s just so mesmerizing!!!

6. Throughout the winter the Adirondack chairs fill the campus with color!


7. Oh, and have I mentioned we have a T-Station right on campus?!?!


8. Northeastern is located where the first World Series was played back in 1903! A statue of Cy Young marks the spot.


9. And the views from our buildings?? Phenomenal!


10. Can you even tell we’re in the city?

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11. Answer: Yeah sometimes you can!


12. It’s just such a beautiful campus…I just can’t express this enough!

….and yes, I do know I posted yet another picture of the ISEC.


13. We also have a library right on campus (probably one of the biggest ones in the Boston area)!


14. But seriously, how cool is this?


15. And last but not least…

NEU you would be obsessed! Get it?! Comment below if you know other places on campus!
Featured Image Source:
Ratchell Sadovnik


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