15 Pictures That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At Loyola University Chicago Tomorrow

Loyola has a beautiful campus. It almost makes you forget that you’re right by downtown Chicago. There are tons of picture-perfect spots on campus. Here are 15 pictures of Loyola University Chicago that will make you wish you were starting school tomorrow.






Loyola University Chicago • Rogers Park

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#Spring will be blooming soon at #LoyolaChicago. 🌸

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Happy Monday from the prettiest place ever ☀️

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makes writing this essay a lot better

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Missing this winter wonderland❄️

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alma mater – the prettiest campus in america. #LUC

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Spring, is that you? ☀️

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campus is pretty

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sunset almost as pretty as the corgi on the quad :')

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What are your favorite pictures of Loyola University Chicago? Share in the comments below!
Featured image source: luc.edu
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