15 Pictures That’ll Make You Wish You Were Starting School At UCLA Tomorrow

Upon hearing the word California, I’m sure the first thought that pop into your head is something along the lines of beaches, surfers, and LA. Well, there’s definitely more to the state than you may think- including the University of California, Los Angeles. Here are some pictures that’ll make you wish you were starting school at UCLA tomorrow!

1. The Gorgeous Campus

2. The School Spirit


3. Year Round Great Weather


4. The Sunsets


5. The Sunrises

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6. The Athletics


7. The Nighttime Campus Vibes


8. The Beautiful Libraries (Powell Shown Below)


9. The Solidarity And United Spirit On Campus


10. The Plethora Of Activities Available

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11. Another Perspective Of The Campus, Because It’s Just So Gorgeous!


12. The History

This picture is just a small glimpse into all the history and traditions carried on at UCLA…


13.  The Annual Spring Sing


14. Pauley Pavilion


15. The Famous Inverted Fountain (And Its Tradition)

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Inverted fountain at #UCLA

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I’m sure all these pictures have you wishing you were starting school at UCLA tomorrow! Why do you love your school? Share in the comments!
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