15 Pictures That’ll Make You Wish You Were Starting At SDSU Tomorrow

Choosing the right college for you includes extensive research and consideration. What better way is there to see what a college is truly like, than to stalk their presence on social media? Lucky for you, I’ve already done all the work for San Diego State University! Here are 15 pictures that will make you wish you were starting school at SDSU tomorrow!

1. Entering Campus

As soon as you enter the San Diego State University campus, you’re welcomed with the campus sign. It finally starts to hit you that you’re really embarking on your adventure at SDSU!


2. The Famous Hepner Hall

If you’ve been on a tour of SDSU you’ve probably taken a picture of, or in front of, Hepner Hall. It’s one of the most popular photo spots for obvious reasons. Fun fact: a scene from Bring it On was actually shot here!

3. Arts Alive

SDSU participates in Arts Alive. It is an event where groups of students use a range of mediums to express their creativity and bring awareness to a range of topics!


4. Aztec Nights

Why yes, that is a Ferris wheel, and it’s right in front of Hepner Hall! Aztec nights are events SDSU puts on, where students can come dance to the DJ, meet new people, and participate in loads of cool events, like the carnival!


5. Dance Marathon

Aztec Dance Marathon is a huge fundraising event where students volunteer for events, such as pie booths and the actual dance marathon event #forthekids!! We raised over $140,000 for Rady Children’s Hospital this year. You ask any member of ADM about their experience, and you’re in for a story!

6. Exploration Programs

Interested in artifacts and exploration? San Diego State University has programs where students go outside and get dirty, with hands on activities.


7. Hiking Breaks

There’s a wide assortment of hikes under 30 minutes away from San Diego State University, leading you to some breath-taking views. From short, beginner hikes to long climbs, there’s adventure that awaits for everyone!


8. Just A Short Drive To The Beach

While we’re on the subject of breaks…in under a 30-minute drive from SDSU, you can find yourself at mission, pacific, or ocean beach, catching rays and de-stressing from finals! Not such a bad location to go to school.


9. Or The Mountains

Give your sunburn a chance to heal with a quick trip to the mountains in the winter.  Break out your snowboard, and exchange the sand for snow for a weekend!

10. Or The Aquaplex

Don’t feel like sitting in rush hour traffic heading to the beach? What better way to kick back and relax than to hit the plex between class?

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11. Basketball Games

The crowd at basketball games at San Diego State University is always packed and full of energy!


12. Football Games

San Diego State University football games are always a great time. With an immaculate season, going 11-3, winning the Las Vegas Bowl against University of Houston, SDSU football games live up to the hype!


13. Tailgates

No better way to get hyped before a football game than SDSU tailgates. Food, drinks, a great atmosphere, what more could you want?


14. Sorority Life

Greek life is huge at SDSU, and sororities are a great way to find your home away from home. Between philanthropy, social events, and campus involvement, you’re going to have your hands full in the best of ways.

15. Fraternity Life

Brotherhood, am I right?! Fraternities go hand in hand with sororities! Being involved in Greek life at SDSU is a great way to network, and involve yourself in fun activities and events!

San Diego State University is an incredible school, and everyone who goes there absolutely loves it! I’m sure these 15 pictures already have you wishing you were starting at SDSU tomorrow. What do you love about your school? Share in the comments!
*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
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Mandi Mesnekoff

SDSU student with the insider scoop.

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