15 Pictures That’ll Make You Wish You Were Starting at ASU Tomorrow

15 Pictures That'll Make You Wish You Were Starting at ASU Tomorrow
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Forget about the high school drama for a sec. If you’re heading off to college soon, you’ll have a whole new world of opportunities at your fingertips. No longer will you care about the homeroom drama or the cafeteria cliques. College is an entirely new world. And if you’re starting at Arizona State University soon, well, lucky you-you’ve made the right choice! There’s no better place to be than the wonderful Tempe Arizona to start off some of the best years of your life. Here are 15 pictures that will make you wish you were packing your bags and heading off to ASU tomorrow! Trust me, there’s no lookingย back once you experience Tempe. Good luck Sun Devils!

1. Go Greek and rush a sorority or fraternity!



2. Hot guys and football? Count me in.


3. Tempe Festival Of Arts. Where all the fun goes down.


4. #Views



5. Hot weather. Everyday.



6. Need pictures for your Instagram feed? Palm Walk is your best friend.

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On to the Windy City ๐ŸŒƒ

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7. The SunDevilDogs of ASU. No Explanation needed.


8. Meet your new lifelong friends!


9. And go with them to Devilpalooza!


10. The “A” Mountain. So you never forget where home is.

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11. Did I mention how cute the ASU gear is?


12. It’s even fashionable in NYC.


13. The food is pretty good. AND pretty photogenic.



14. Show off your school spirit.


15. Last but not least, Michael Phelps. Enough said.


Forks Up future Sun Devils! Hope these amazing pictures will make you want to head off to ASU right now! Do you have any more amazing pictures of Arizona State University that you would like to share? Show us in the comment section!

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