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10 Pictures That’ll Make You Wish You Started GVSU Yesterday

10 Pictures That’ll Make You Wish You Started GVSU Yesterday

Here are some photos of GVSU that will make you wish you went here or started school yesterday. Check out the GVSU school pride in these Instagrams.

Let’s be real here no one does it better than a Laker! With a quiet town only 20-30 min away from the most happening place in Michigan (Grand Rapids), it’s no wonder you wish you were here! Experience all that GVSU has to offer through Instagram pics that will have you in serious envy!

1. Okay, does your school have celebrities that play free concerts during the most stressful time of year?

Didn’t think so.

2. Pew Campus is right next to Grand Rapids famous Blue Bridge.

Take rocking group pictures or selfies knowing that the best backdrop there is, is within your reach!

3. The grass at GV makes for a perfect place to take your studying outside, or not in Emily’s case.

4. Our yearly presidents ball leaves with not only a fun time on the dance floor but a way for GV students to come together after winter break.

5. GVSU has a high percentage of students that look towards a faith centered community of girl bosses!

GVSU’s Delight ministries dives into scripture and friendship like no other!

6. Excited about public relations these two girls are ready to start the school year right with PRSSA!

No school does it better! Get access to agency tours, networking events , and a group of young professionals that want to help you!


7. GVSU takes healthy to the next level!

Enjoy beautiful flowers and locally grown foods straight from our very own farm house!

8. GVSU will give you a RUN for your money (not really it is actually one of the more affordable schools.)

Enjoy running with friends and fun themes that not only get your hands dirty, but goes towards amazing causes.

9. GVSU Lakers know how to have a good time while juggling school, work, and clubs, why not enjoy a Laker Theme party that will be one for the books?

10. GVSU’s Calder Art center gives students the platform to create masterpieces that showcase their talents to the world.

The school believes in interconnecting these talented works of art by purchasing the art to display at various locations around campus.

GVSU has been the best decision I ever made to go to. From the school spirit, to finding and discovering these amazing clubs and people, I truly am blessed to call myself a Laker!
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