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15 Pictures That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At Cal Poly SLO Tomorrow

15 Pictures That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At Cal Poly SLO Tomorrow

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are 15 pictures at Cal Poly that will make you wish you were starting school tomorrow.
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A picture is worth a thousand words. Isn’t that the saying? In Cal Poly’s case, the photographs translate to undeniable beauty. It’s fair to say, or should I say see, that this campus can give you a thousand reasons to attend in its photos alone, 15 to be exact. Although these images are a sight to see, they don’t do this central California beauty justice; all the more reason to see it for yourself. Here are 15 pictures at Cal Poly that will make you wish you were starting school tomorrow.

1. Serenity Swing

Just when you thought swings only existed on playgrounds, Cal Poly changes the game by setting one on the top of a rolling green hill. This floating seat is a good hike from campus, but students will agree that it is well the worth the trek.


2. Morro Bay


Yes, it is a beach; and yes, it has killer sunsets. But what sets Morro Bay apart from all the other ocean locations is the rock. Undoubtedly, when a San Luis Obispo local is shown a photo of this beach the key, distinguishing factor is the giant rock sitting at the core of the water. Trust me, you can’t miss it and neither can the camera.

3. Sand Dunes



Cal Poly may be conveniently located near a number of beaches, but the shore isn’t the only place you can find sand. Also located in San Luis Obispo’s backyard is an ongoing horizon of indented mounds of sand just waiting to be explored. Take the picture’s word for it when I say this place gives sunsets a whole new meaning.

4. Downtown


“Downtown” anything can be hectic, but San Luis Obispo redefines the definition of bustling streets. Fitting into the neighborly atmosphere, Downtown San Luis Obispo makes everyone feel welcome with the twinkling trees and Thursday night Farmer’s Market. Just when you thought busy city hubs couldn’t be friendly, look again.


5. Avila Beach Resort


Concerts on the beach…enough said. But you’ll just have to see it to believe it to understand the atmosphere of the Avila Beach Resort. It’s undeniably a place worth experiencing for yourself, and if I can’t convince you, the music and photos will.



6. Prefumo Canyon


Ever dreamt of traveling to Ireland? If the trip is too far out of reach, Prefumo Canyon is a perfect replica of the rolling green hills without the costly travel ticket. Just a rain season and windy drive away is a city of green on a mountain.


7. Leaning Pine Arboretum


If you can’t tell already, Cal Poly has a green thumb. Going hand in hand with the bountiful nature of San Luis Obispo, this garden of artistically assorted plants is a walk away from campus. So if the green backdrop that makes up Cal Poly isn’t enough, there’s always the Leaning Pine Arboretum to fulfill your mother nature needs… in a plant kind of way.


8. Scout Coffee


It’s safe to say that coffee is a necessity in a lot of students’ diets. Luckily, San Luis Obispo provides the most aesthetically pleasing and convenient caffeine spots for Cal Poly’s population to study and sip quality lattes. Not to mention the photo ops are just enough to convince you to make the trip (plenty more photos where this came from).

9. Architecture Graveyard



Talk about “Learn by Doing,” this presentation of students’ architecture projects is the perfect example of Cal Poly’s motto. With an assortment of scattered artwork and creations, the nature that surrounds the graveyard becomes a jungle gym in the mountains.

10. Pirates Cove


This cave above the ocean is the closest thing to “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Coincidentally placed next to a nude beach, this view is about as raw as you can get of a close-up sunset.

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11. Pismo Pier


If the shore isn’t cutting it for you, try taking your beach experience above the waves. Just a walk along the Pismo Pier will get you past the white caps and access to a view in the center of the water; I guess you could say it’s an alternative to surfing, minus the wetsuit and board, and actually surfing.



12. Avila Beach


It’s one thing to be located along a coast of beach beauty, but it’s another thing to be located along a coast of beach AND mountain beauty. The perfect representation of this best-of-both-worlds-balance is Avila Beach; water to one side, hills to the other.


13. SloDoCo


Donuts are not exclusively for breakfast. By putting bacon and cereal to top off a donuts infamous glaze, it makes it justifiable to eat a donut at any time of day. Slo Donuts Company is most definitely the heart and stomach of Cal Poly dessert.

14. Bishop’s Peak



Heights tend to be a pattern for Cal Poly’s scenery. To add to the list of sizable summits, take a peek at Bishop’s Peak (lol). Yes, it is a decently inclined hike, but with those Cal Poly calves, you’ll eventually become a peak pro.

15. Cal Poly Campus


Let’s not forget about the actual campus. That’s a good looking school, if I do say so myself. It makes getting lost not such a bad thing when you have this beauty of buildings to look at. It doesn’t get much better than this, am I right?

What are your favorite pictures at Cal Poly?
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