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15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Gamecock Is The Best

15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Gamecock Is The Best

15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Gamecock Is The Best
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The University of South Carolina does not seem like the most picturesque university. It is not known as the prettiest school, but all of the students there believe University of South Carolina is the most beautiful school in the world. Even if you are a Clemson fan, these pictures will prove why being a Gamecock is the best.

1. The Historic Horseshoe is one of the most iconic spot on USC’s campus.

Even though it isn’t the center of campus, its a classic place for picnics and photographs. It even makes for a great place to watch the sunset.



2. With a campus full of large trees, USC gives students the prettiest walk to class in the fall.

It makes students want to go to class and leave the dorm for more than just a trip to Russell House.



3. The South Carolina State Fair is in our backyard, literally.

There is even a students admitted free day, perfect for dates and even just a trip with friends to get fried oreos.


4. Even the rain is tolerable.

Through hurricanes, I didn’t want to go home, students do not want to leave the USC atmosphere.



5. Capstone, the light that can be viewed from around campus.

Including a spinning restaurant in the top, capstone lights up and can be seen all the way from Five Points.



6. Gorgeous southern sunsets that can be seen anywhere on campus.


7. Even the Gym is a sight to be seen.

Strom Thermond Fitness Center is a destination for all students, at least once in their time at USC, the gorgeous gym attracts even those who aren’t gym fans.



8. SEC is one of the most competitive conferences in college football.

With a gorgeous field and an even more fun student section, USC football games are a sight be seen. Thanks to the mega towel and throwing footballs out of the stadium, students never fail to enjoy a football game.



9. Known for International Business.

The Darla Moore School, “Darla School or More Business”, is one of the prettiest buildings on campus, due to the glass windows, the views make this building an ideal place to study, for even the nonbusiness majors.


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10. Thomas Cooper Library, “TCoop”, makes studying tolerable and includes perfect hammock spots out front by the USC fountain.


11. One of the best rivalries in College History.

Tigerburn is a Carolina Tradition, burning down a replica of the Clemson Mascot. As this event is gorgeous, it causes bonding through the student body, all cheering for the burning of something they hate, “Burn that sh*t down”.



12. The best mascot in the SEC.

Cocky gives the students joy, everyone hunts him down for Selfies, and enjoys the mystery behind cocky. Not knowing who is Cocky until graduation day, making the mascot even more fun.



13. USC fireworks, bringing joy to the face of every student.

Whether its representing a touchdown or is just apart of a USC event, joy is always felt at the sign of these.


14. The best University president. Showing so much school spirit and always being chased down for Selfies, even more than Cocky.



15. “Forever to Thee.”

Words of the alma mater typically mumbled by Freshman, but ending in all students raising the iconic Carolina “C”, knowing that this brings all the students together, loving this university.


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