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15 Pictures That Prove Why Being An Owl Is The Best

15 Pictures That Prove Why Being An Owl Is The Best

There are so many pictures that prove why being an owl is the best. From the gorgeous views on campus to the scenes around Philly, Temple is the best!

I remember when I was an incoming freshman at Temple! I looked up pictures of campus, constantly visited the website, and looked through the virtual tour because I couldn’t wait to see the campus in person. Since orientation is still months away, we thought it would be a good idea to search through Instagram for some of the best pictures that prove why being an Owl is the best!

1. Getting your keys and student ID

Nothing will get you more excited than finally getting your student ID during freshman orientation.


2. This beautiful sunrise

Going for an early morning run? This is the sight you’ll see!


3. The Bell Tower during the winter

The Bell Tower is probably THE most Instagrammed place on campus and it looks especially nice during the winter.




4. Morgan Hall

Ahhh…Mighty Morgan! I think every Temple student has dreamed of living there!


5. The library

You’ll definitely be spending a lot of time here, but who can complain when it looks like this?



6. Representing Temple with your family at the football games

Now that you’re an official Temple student, time to buy yourself and your family some Temple gear.



7. For the future Fox students

The Fox School of Business is at the heart of campus. It is a gorgeous building where you will be spending a lot of time in if you’re a business major.


8. The View

After their freshmen year, most students begin to look for apartment housing. One option is in a building called “The View.”

9. A beautiful sunny day at Beury Beach

If you don’t already know, Beury Beach is the place to be on campus. It’s where students hang out with friends, study, or even take a nap in between classes!

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10. Hooter The Owl

Hooter The Owl is Temple’s official mascot, you’ll definitely be seeing him around campus. At one point during your years at Temple, you NEED to take a selfie with him!

11. The Student Center

Buy Temple merchandise at the school store, or eat a meal at the food court in the Student Center.

12. Temple Basketball

Temple’s basketball games are held at the Liacouras Center, located right on Broad Street!


13. Morgan Hall’s food court

Looking for a place to eat? Try the food court located on the lower level of Morgan Hall. There, you will find a variety a food to choose from that accepts Diamond Dollars!

14. Temple football

There’s never a more perfect time to show your school spirit than at a Temple football game held at the Lincoln Financial Field.

15. Cheering on the football team with your friends!

Make memories with all your new friends by cheering on your favorite team! “Let’s fight, fight, fight! For the cherry and the white!”



You definitely can’t deny that Temple University has such an amazing campus. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t feel thankful. Congratulations on becoming a Temple Owl!

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