15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Scarlet Knight Is The Best

Still deciding which university to enroll with? Or have you already decided to attend Rutgers, but need a reason to get excited about college and being a Scarlet Knight? Here are 15 Instagram pictures that will make you wish you were at Rutgers.

1. Rutgers University Dance Marathon

What’s better than raising money for charity? Having fun while doing it! The Dance Marathon supports the Embrace Kids Foundation.


2. Rutgers Clubs and Organizations

Like RU Figure Skating Club, Knight Time Productions, and Culinary Club!


3. And the Involvement Fairs!

Here, you learn about which of our organizations are best for you. It’s always fun to see how each club will try to grab your attention.


4. Rutgers Football Games

Our pride and college spirit are so contagious. You’ll find yourself high-fiving strangers just because the Scarlet Knights scored.


5. Beats on the Banks

It’s the best concert of the semester, hosted by Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA). They’ve had Cash Cash, Logic, Vic Mensa, A-Trak, and many more.


6. Rutgers Big Chill

Participants bring a toy or a cash donation to enter and participants run a 5k race. Toys are bought/collected and then sent to children in need.


7. President Obama at 2016 Commencement

If you weren’t already aware, last year we were blessed with President Obama’s presence at the May 2016 graduation. I know that we were all truly honored to have him at our university, and I think it definitely says something that he chose to speak for us.


8. Rutgers Day

Everyone is invited to come to Rutgers on Rutgers Day to learn about our university, play games, and eat awesome food.


9. Dorm Communities

After you’ve lived around the same people here for several months, everyone becomes part of a big family.


10. Rutgers Idol

Rutgers Idol is a fun competition that consists of 12 performers singing their hearts out to win.


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11. Rutgers Bed Races

Student organizations race decorated beds down the streets of College Ave in order to collect diapers for families in New Jersey. It’s awesome to watch! I’m sure it’s even cooler to be a part of.


12. 4GY

The biggest night for Rutgers acapella groups, including Orphan Sporks, Deep Treble, Shock Wave, and Casual Harmony.


13. Our Awesome Food

From local restaurants to our infamous fat-sandwich-serving grease trucks, the food is so amazing.


14. Sororities That Are Killin’ It

C’mon. Check out that stair shot. Phi Mu knows what’s up. And their fundraising and philanthropy benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! Maybe you should try out the sorority life.


15. Old Queens and Other Locations

I’ve always loved Passion Puddle and Old Queens. The way that the trees change hues is both remarkable and beautiful.


Featured photo source: menofthescarletandgray.com
Nicole Osztrogonacz

I'm a sophomore at Rutgers University. I love to listen to music and read :)

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