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15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Husky Is The Best

15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Husky Is The Best


As a husky, I guess I’m being a bit bias when I say UConn is the best place on earth. Between awesome ice cream, crazy basketball games, and being surrounded by your friends, it really doesn’t get much better than this. But hey, if I can’t convince you, I’ll give you this to help my case: 15 photos our fellow huskies took around our awesome campus that prove why being a Husky is the best. Looking at these, I wish winter break will just end so I can be back at UConn like tomorrow.

1. If anyone knows festive, best believe it’s UConn.

Although finals season deems a campus-wide attitude of misery and exhaustion, UConn does help the student morale out with their seasonal decorations. A student favorite, being mirror lake. ‘Tis the season!



2. Of the places I wish I got to go during orientation, I’m still upset we didn’t pay a visit to Horse Barn Hill.

HBH offers the perfect getaway to our huskies in need for a little stress relief.  But wait there’s more to it… TONS of adorable cows and horses.  Seriously, next time you visit come up, watch the sunset, and pet some adorable animals! They love visitors.


3. There’s literally no better season then tailgate season.

UConn is not by any means known for our football team, but do trust me, we’ll still tailgate no matter what.



4. Who ever said dining hall food can’t be good?

Alright, realistically it’s a lot of people.  However, don’t undermine pasta bar, omelette bar *insert heart eyes*, and of course our ice cream.



5.  No one was joking when they said UConn is a basketball school.

There honestly is nothing like sitting in the student section for the basketball game literally yelling at the other team ~and their coach~ and cheering your heart out.  The hype for any basketball game is just unreal.




6.  Greek life is an awesome way to make life-long friends, network, and meet new people.

Greek organizations host several functions throughout the year for those very reasons, and to give back to the community through philanthropy events.


7.  Early mornings walking to class often to suck.

From having to roll out of your snug bed, rushing to look semi-alive for class, and walking through violent winds to get to your building, there’s a lot wrong with the process.  However, we can’t help but notice how scenic our campus is, it does make the walk a *little* worth it.



8.  When the weather isn’t ridiculously cold, and the winds aren’t violently whipping you in the face, we have a very short lived, warm-weathered campus.

UConn in the late summer allows students to actually leave their dorms and enjoy the awesome campus.



9.  I may or may not have already mentioned my acute obsession with UConn ice cream, but it definitely does deserve it’s own picture.

Literally, let me know when you find better ice cream and cuter cows because I think we definitely own both.


10.  Storrs Center is def one of the many highlights of our campus.

From Blaze Pizza to Starbucks and Breugger’s bagels, it’s too hard to stay away from this place.  Storrs Center offers the perfect place to treat yo self and get away from the dining hall for a meal.



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11.  The library doesn’t always have to be dreadful.

It’s always awesome to get a window seat so you can see the sun set over Storrs.  Homer B provides an awesome view for you to get an artsy pic for your Instagram you can post while procrastinating your schoolwork.


12. Before we leave for winter break, UConn’s Swan Lake freezes over, and students can go ice skating.

Seriously, invest in a pair of skates, strap them on, and go for a spin on the lake.  If you need skating practice beforehand we also do have a skating rink open to students free of charge!



13.  Speaking of traditions, we can’t forget about our awesome Jonathan the Husky statue.

Students, potential new students, and visitors come far and wide to rub the nose of Jonathan the Husky for good luck! Not gonna lie, I paid a few visits here before finals.



14.  There truly is nothing like UConn in the fall.

Crunching leaves, chilly October nights, and pumpkin everything really does come to show fall truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


15.  Last but not least, we can’t forget the real reason we all love and keep coming back to UConn: the amazing friends we have.

As awesome as our campus is, the lifelong friendships to come are what truly makes the authentic four year experience of a UConn Husky.



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