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10 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Hoya Is The Best

10 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Hoya Is The Best

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. It is true. I mean what better way to get a glimpse at Georgetown University then through a few to-die-for pictures taken by students, journalists, and tourists. I promise, after this you’ll be ready to bolt to campus by booking the next flight or grabbing a group of friends and family for a college road trip! Check out some of these captivating aspects of being a Hoya.

1. Campus is stunningly beautiful.

No doubt GU is known for its beauty, and this picture proves it. At GU the trees change with the seasons and Fall leaves the area totally worth an Instagram post.


2. When you walk right outside the gates, the streets are adorable!

The townhouses around campus create a beautifully welcoming neighborhood.




3. Washington, DC is right at your fingertips.

Major monuments are either a short walk or Uber ride away.

4. The GU Farmer’s Market serves delicious food and is a great space to chill.

Every Wednesday during the Farmer’s Market season treat yourself to some of the best foods and desserts in the area. No one can turn down a Melties ice cream sandwich or a fresh, oven baked pizza.



5. The basketball history remains a piece of GU culture.

As Hoyas, we’re always pumped for the next basketball game, especially when it’s against a rival or the rival, ‘Cuse.


6. Our mascot…pretty freaking awesome and unique.

Jack, the bulldog, will never fall short of Instagram-worthy adorableness. Jack is a stunna whether he’s with a fellow Hoya or by himself.



7. There’s never a shortage of places to shop and restaurants to try.

M St is one of the best places in the DC area to shop and it’s right next to campus, making it easy to catch pics like this.



8. Kayaking on the Potomac… I vote yes!

Be a little adventurous on any day with a ride on a kayak or paddleboard down the river.

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8. Our guest speakers never fail to amaze.

Georgetown attracts some of the biggest names in Politics to share knowledge and experiences with its students.



9. GU pride is always in full force!

No matter what the season, us Hoyas never fail to bring out the GU gear and share our pride.




10. GU students effect change.

I must admit that the nation’s capitol is the perfect place to make your mark (and document it!).

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