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15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Golden Flash Is The Best

15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Golden Flash Is The Best

There are so many reasons why being a Golden Flash is the best. Rather than tell you, take a look at some of the best pictures of life at Kent State.
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Sometimes its hard to truly see whats around you when you’re swamped with homework and studying for exams. Taking a second to look at the beauty that is the Kent campus will have you wishing that you went to school here too! Here are my 15 pictures that prove why being a golden flash is the best and make you wish you were starting school at Kent…

1. Kent has their own fashion museum on campus.

Honestly if this doesn’t feel you on going to Kent State if you plan on studying fashion, I don’t know what will. This adorable little museum located right inside the fashion school building, Rockwell Hall, is the perfect place to get inspiration and spend an afternoon.



2. Even on a cloudy day campus is perfect.

Although there are numerous cloudy, rainy days on campus they aren’t really that bad! The Plaza outside the Student Center still looks picture perfect on days with bad weather, so imagine the gorgeous spring days!




3. There are so many super freaking cute coffee shops.

Anyone who enjoys spending a day sitting in a coffee shop with any coffee drink imaginable would love Scribbles!




4. The buildings on campus are stunning.

The newest building on campus, the Architecture building, is so amazing! Perfect for impromptu photoshoots and a quiet place to study!

5. Little donuts, decorated to the max? Count me in!

Think about it… countless flavors of mini donuts, what could be better? And just a short walk from campus!



6. AutumnĀ in Kent.

Looking at this picture alone makes me wish it was autumn again! The colors on campus are gorgeous, from the trees to the leaves around every corner.



7. The sunsets are always gorgeous.

The sunsets on campus make it onto my snap story at least once a week, for obvious reasons, they are stunning!




8. Sunset part 2

Sunsets so pretty I had to show both pictures !


9. Concerts on campus.

This school year alone Kent has hosted Kesha, PARTYNEXTDOOR and The 1975. The tickets are always a decent price and a lot of fun!



10. The fact that Kent Fashion Week is a thing…

Again, if you’re thinking of going to Kent to study fashion and the idea of a fashion week doesn’t excite you, nothing will! Held in the spring, Kent Fashion Week is going to be fabulous, and I can’t wait!

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11. Rockwell Hall is just the best.

Even though every fashion student has their bad memories of nearly impossible projects and presentations all done within the fashion building, its still the prettiest building on campus. Honestly Rockwell itself is one of the many reasons I decided to go to Kent.



12. The Fashion School has its own fashion show.

Along with many other fashion related events on campus, the biggest by far is the end of the year fashion show put on by the Fashion School. Many industry professionals attend the show, making this a great reason to attend Kent, especially if you’re considering majoring in Fashion Design.



13. There’s a Quaker in the student center.

Before moving to Kent, I had no idea what Quaker was. Now that I do, I don’t think I could imagine my life without it. It’s basically a Buffalo Wild Wings that you can use your meal plan on… score!


14. Every great college experience needs Insomnia.

Having cookies delivered to your dorm room is something everyone truly needs, and at Kent its possible!



15. The Cuyahoga River.

The river runs through downtown and there are many walking paths to enjoy nature and the scenery in general. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park isn’t too far from campus as well and includes some little waterfalls. Perfect for a little photoshoot and something fun to do outside!


What are some other reasons why being a Golden Flash is the best? Comment below!
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