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15 Pictures That Make You Wish You Went To University of Miami

15 Pictures That Make You Wish You Went To University of Miami

University of Miami, 15 Pictures That Make You Wish You Went To University of Miami

Located in the sunshine state, attending University of Miami is an experience like no other. The weather, exciting night life, and excellent academics attracts students from all over the world, making the University of Miami one of the most diverse and unique universities to attend. These 15 pictures will definitely make you wish you were starting school here tomorrow!

1. Lake Osceola

What other campus is centered around a beautiful lake? Waking up to a stunning view definitely makes early morning classes a little bit easier.


2. The pool

Feel like you need some relaxation? Just stop by the pool in between classes and soak in the sunshine anytime of the year.


3. Game day

Tailgate season the best time of year. We all know your dying to dress up in your orange and green tailgate clothes!


4. Look at those palm trees

You may not be psyched to live in the dorms, but common the views beautiful.


5. Hardrock Stadium

What other school can say their football team plays at a professional NFL stadium?


6. Themed parties

Whats more typical of Miami than a lifeguard themed party?


7. Brickell

Whether it be Brickell, South Beach, Coconut Grove, theres always new locations to explore and enjoy the amazing Miami night life.


8. The market

Every Wednesday we have the fresh market, filled with vendors selling some of the best food in Miami.


9. The IM Fields

The intramural fields located in front of Stanford residential college is a great place to do some homework while enjoying the beautiful Miami weather.



If your a Hurricane’s fan, then you definitely know about our rivalry with FSU. After many years, we finally beat FSU in Tallahassee.


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11. Pool parties

It’s pool party season all year long here at the U.


12. The beach

Here in Miami, you always feel like your on vacation. Have a day off? Take a 15 minute drive to the beach.


13. Casual Boat rides

Like I said, your always on vacation here.


14. Don’t forget, the Cane are undefeated

After our win over Notre Dame, it’s safe to say the U is back! You definitely want to experience this.


15. The friendships

Coming to college is an exciting time, full of making new friends. Having a roommate can be like having your best friend/ sister with you at all times.


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