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12 Pictures Of Shag Haircuts That You’ll Want To Get

12 Pictures Of Shag Haircuts That You’ll Want To Get

If you've been thinking about getting a haircut, then these pictures of shag haircuts of all lengths (long, short, and medium) will inspire you! The old but new look is super trendy, and easy to style!

The shag trend has spread from carpets to coats, and now to your hair. That’s right, the throwback shag hairdo has revived itself from the 70’s, and trust me it’s better then ever. This new do’ started out in L.A, and although keeps most of it’s same layers and bangs, the revived hairstyle has a much more elegant approach. Formally, the shag style came as a pixie or medium cut, but today you can find it on all lengths of hair. In addition, the layers remain in the new style, but aren’t as choppy as the old shag is known for. If the cut up look is something you’re unsure about, here are some pictures of shag haircuts that will convince you otherwise.

1) The Hipster, Edgy Shag

It wouldn’t be 2018 without all of the hipsters that have gotten us here. Hell, I’m sure they’re the ones responsible for making this hairstyle cool again. If you’re on the edgier side, this cut may be the one for you.

2) The New Shag Doesn’t Require Bangs

If you’re not a fan of the heavy bangs a shag do’ comes with, then subtract them and add layers! This is the perfect example of a modern shag hairstyle.


3) A Professional And Appropriate Shag Look

I won’t lie, some shag hairstyles are a littleĀ too messy to be worn to work everyday. However, this is one of the best pictures of shag haircuts that showcases you can tone it down for your boss.

4) Long Hair, Don’t Care

If you like the shag look, but aren’t ready to sacrifice cutting off 5 inches, then this style showcases how you can keep your long locks while adding some dimension.

5) Straight And 70’s

This photo gives off such vintage vibes. Not all shag hairstyles have to be worn curly, they even look good with straight hair!


6) The Classic Shag

The classic shag hairstyle was choppy, messy, medium lengthed, with a heavy bang. If you love the old school shag, then I say go for it!

7) Natural Inspired Layers

Wearing your shaggy hair natural almost always looks good, no matter what hair type you have.

8) Styled To Messy Perfection

Wow, this picture is a throwback to the days of crunching your hair with unnecessary amounts of mousse. I don’t know if you did this, but I certainly did. Thank you shag, for bring this mousse inspired look back into our lives.

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9) Weather Only Helps

Humidity and rain can ruin straight hair, however, with a shag hairstyle it only helps! The more voluminous and messy, the better!

10) Long Layers

Not all of us are up for getting those short layers we once rocked back in the day. If you want a slow transition into a shag hairdo, try out longer layers!


11) The Choppier, The Better

In some cases choppy shag looks can be worn, however, it must be worn with confidence!

12) A Heavy Bang

This is one of my favorite pictures of shag haircuts. It’s so natural, and is honestly inspiring me to get a shag hairdo myself.

Do these pictures of shag haircuts make you want to get one? Let us know in the comment section below!

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