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20 Pictures Of Pretty School Supplies That’ll Make You Want To Be Organized AF

20 Pictures Of Pretty School Supplies That’ll Make You Want To Be Organized AF

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As a bit of a stationery and school supply feign, finding pretty school supplies is a must. Companies like, Sugar Paper LA, The Social Type and Fallindesign are the best places to find pretty school supplies that’s dreamy beyond belief. I’m a sucker for those unicorn colored envelopes! Check out 20 pictures of pretty supplies that will make you want to get organized ASAP.

1. Stickers

2. Folder Organizer

3. Planner

4. Pencil Holder

5. Patches For Your Backpack

6. Gel Pens

7. Puffy Stickers

These stickers are perfect pretty school supplies decor for your notebooks. You can purchase them from PaperSource here.

8. Postcard Calendars

Screw desk-sized calendars. These postcard sized calendars are pretty school supplies that can be tacked up onto a bulletin board.


10. Monthly Planners

11. Colorful Matches For Your Desk

12. Unicorn Envelopes

You are going to need these bad-boys for sending out thank-you notes to all the cool and edgy jobs you applied to. That’s for sure going to get you noticed. These might just be my favorite on the pretty school supplies list.

13. Computer Stickers

14. To-Do-Lists

These pretty school supplies to-do-lists are way cooler than post-it notes!

15. Moomin Color Gel Pens

They are pretty and cute!

See Also

16. Pencil Case

17. Notepads

18. Molag Memo Pads

You know they are cuter and better than post-its, c’mon.

19. Desk Organizers

If your desk isn’t organized, it’ll be impossible to stay focused on completing your homework. Use these desk organizers as a way to get everything in order. A messy desk is the worst!


20. Pencils

Let us know what you think about these pretty school supplies ideas! Drop us a line!!
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