20 Pictures Of Long Bobs That Will Make You Want To Chop Your Hair

If you're thinking getting a lob bob or a lob, these pictures of long bob hairstyles will make you want to cut your hair! Long bobs are the cutest haircuts!

Speaking from personal experience, a long bob or a “lob” is one of the best haircuts you can get. It’s long enough that you still feel feminine and girly but short enough to be manageable and help cut down on dry time. People with curly or wavy hair, like me, will want to cut it a bit longer because the texture of your hair will definitely make it look a little shorter. Someone with straight hair can go for a bit of a shorter cut because it will remain that length. This hairstyle is a great change and an awesome way to change up your look for spring. Here are 20 pictures that will make you want to go to the salon and get a long bob ASAP!

Celebrity Inspiration

1. Khloe Kardashian

Go for a beachy vibe with this honey blonde look. Add a sea salt spray to your hair then use a large barrel on your curling iron to achieve perfect beach waves. Khloe’s natural roots make this style more natural and lived in.


2. Jennifer Lopez

Embrace your natural curl with this easy look. Add a bit of keratin oil to ensure your locks stay healthy and you are ready to go. If you have naturally straight hair and want to achieve this look, use the same technique you did for the above one but use a smaller barrel on your curling iron. You can also add some natural highlights to your hair to make this look really pop.


3. Jourdan Dunn

If you have naturally straight hair, this cut is perfect for you. If you want to achieve this look with curly or wavy hair just use a flat iron to straighten your hair. Make sure to use a heat protective spray to protect your hair.


4. Kendall Jenner

If you are looking for an easy way to style your hair everyday, this is it. Put a small spritz of anti-frizz spray in your hair then comb to a middle part. If you have thicker hair use a brush instead of a comb to perfect your long bob.


5. Katy Perry

Go for a bold look with these blunt bangs. To achieve this look repeat the process in the “Jourdan Dunn” look but make sure your hairdresser gives you straight across bangs. Make straightening a bit easier by doing a blowout with a round brush when you get out of the shower.


6. Kerry Washington

This is another cute beachy look that’s better for ladies with straight hair! The bangs give the look dimension and the beach waves are created with a textured spray to give some volume.

this long bob hairstyle is so cute!

7. Jessica Alba

This is a soft, delicate look that’s super easy to style! Just give your hair a deep side part, use a straighter to flip a couple a pieces and finish off with a hair serum to give it that sleek look.

this long bob hairstyle is so cute!

8. Emma Stone

This hair style is very similar to the one above, this one just has a bit more waves and textured pieces throughout!

this long bob hairstyle is so cute!

9. Jennifer Aniston

It’s no wonder one of the greatest hair icons of all time made this list! If you are a natural brunette, you can work your way to this look with multi dimensional highlights and extra blonde pieces around the frame of your face to really brighten up your long bob look!

this long bob hairstyle is so cute!

10. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, the queen of soft bouncy curls! To achieve this look, spray your strands with an alcohol-free hairspray and use a 1-1/2 inch curling iron on small sections. Finish it by combing through the curls so they blend together!

this long bob hairstyle is so cute!

Other Inspiration

11. Blunt Lob

This look is so cool! Next time you get your hair cut, just ask your hairdresser for an angled lob that’s longer in the front and shortens as you reach the back!


12. Layered And Wavy Lob

This is the perfect “just rolled outta bed, but my hair still looks amazing” long bob. All you need is some texture spray and a large barrel curling iron to add some volume. Finish off by running your fingers through it and giving it a shake or two for that slightly messy look.


13. Ringlet Curl Lob

For this look, you’ll want a 2-3 inch curling iron to create those tight curls. Finish off by running your fingers through your hair and spraying with a finishing spray to keep those locks in place!

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14. Balayage Lob

The baylage is perfect for the girl who wants to add some color without needing to visit the salon every couple months for a root touch up! It’s just like getting highlights, except without the roots!


15. Angled Lob

All you need to do for this is to ask your hair dress for an angled lob and she’ll know exactly what you mean! Works best for straight hair.


16. Mini Bun Lob

Just section of the crown area of your head and pull it up into a messy top-knot bun. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, it’s not supposed to.


17. Colorful Lob

If you’re thinking about taking a walk on the wild side, go for it! Just remember to do it in the safest way possible to keep those strands healthy… a.k.a, always leave it to the professionals when you’re playing with color!


18. Braided Lob

For this look, start with a french braid on the side of your head and work it together very loosely. Pin it toward the back of your head and cover the bobbypin with some hair from the top-back section of your head so it blends in seamlessly.


19. Asymmetrical Lob

This look is little different, but still totally cute! Definitely do not try to do this on your own, even though it’s asymmetrical, the cut needs to be done very precisely to achieve the right look!


20. Textured Lob

Start with a super deep side part, throw in some texture spray and use a straightening iron to flip a few pieces. Finish off with a hair spray to keep that volume going all day long!


Do you have any more ideas for a long bob that will make anyone want to chop their locks? Share in the comments below!
These cute long bob pictures will make you want to cut off all of your hair!
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