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15 Instagram Pictures Of FSU You’ll Be Obsessed With

15 Instagram Pictures Of FSU You’ll Be Obsessed With

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Florida State University is a beautiful school. Not only is the campus absolutely gorgeous, but so many things on campus reflect the traditions, history, and spirit of FSU. Here are 15 Instagram pictures of FSU that you will definitely be obsessed with!

1. This picture of students rushing to class

Doesn’t this picture immediately inspire you to strap on a backpack and walk across campus with purpose?!

2. This picture of the Unconquered Statue

Embrace the unconquered spirit.


3. This picture of Doak Campbell Stadium

Is it game day yet?

4. This picture of a gorgeous fountain on campus

You’ll never get tired of looking at this school.


5. This picture of the Integration Sculpture

How could you not be excited about a school that embraces diversity?

6. This beautiful view of campus

Honestly, you could take a picture of this campus from any angle and it would be too stunning for words.

7. This picture of Werkmeister Reading Room

For Harry Potter fans this is your chance to finally feel like you’re at Hogwarts.


8. This picture of Osceola and Renegade

Tradition is so important at FSU and one day you could experience and participate in those traditions.

9. This picture of the circus on campus

FSU is one of two universities with a circus. Who wouldn’t be excited about being under the big top at school?

10. This picture of the Marching Chiefs

This world-renowned marching band is always a highlight at games.

11. This lovely picture of Westcott

This school is endlessly beautiful.

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12. This dreamy picture overlooking campus

Don’t you wish you were moving in right now?

13. This picture of the Oglesby Union

There is always something going on around campus. I know you can’t wait to be a part of it all!

14. This picture of students enjoying the weather

It’s important to be excited about the quiet moments, too.

15. This picture of where you could be one day

You’re not there yet, but just know that every day you’re working to get there.


Do you have any other Instagram pictures of FSU that should be on the list!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: weheartit